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Love Interview | Michelle Ye - Colorful and fulfilling life, needn't be a life winner

Posted by MYR on February 3, 2015 at 9:15 PM

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Translated by Rain @ michelle-ye.com

04 Feb 2015


There seems to be a big gap between a highly valued actress and a smart producer: Wisdom and beauty, delicate emotions and swift reflexes; it seems almost impossible for these elements to be found within one individual. However, emerging from a beauty pageant, entering TVB, winning the Hong Kong Films Award, and then progressing on as a producer, establishing her own filming company, taking up EMBA, becoming guest lecturer... All these are found within Michelle Ye, it really is quite astounding.


She does not deem herself as an addicted learner, nor does she think herself as a life winner, these assumptions are too feeble, and is inadequate to describe a girl as curious and adventurous as she is. "I like to enchant myself, as well as be neutral towards myself; I especially love a colorful and fulfilling life!"

Let's put more effort into those who is doubtful of us


"Diligence becomes my inspiration. Commitments and sacrifices beyond others, spending more time than others, all these motivate inspiration, and you will reap a lot too. Trying to be the most beautiful, or the smartest, or the best actor, or the best singer, when the beauty (or certain quality / talent) lies in the eye of the beholder, there is no standardization throughout. However, diligence is a good measure, there is no doubt on how much time you commit into something."


Waves of long hair, and lashes embroidering her determined gaze, energetic and dynamic, this is Michelle Ye. She has 4 events today, and she arrived by 7 for her first interview with 'NvYou Jia Yuan', she quickly energized after just a cup of coffee. "I can't deny that it is my style," -- Highly effective, diligent, focused - this is Michelle Ye.


Let's now discuss the roles she played before, for example, the Jin Xiangyu in 'Flying Swords of Dragon Gate', "She is not exactly a coquettish one, but she is determined, and her unwavering spirit for love is undeniable.", for example the sisters in 'Grandma's Ancient City', where she worked with Chen Shu and Xing Jiadong.


However, recently Michelle Ye is even more addicted into her role as a producer. For example being the producer of 'Athena', where she went against all odds and used newbie actor Liu Enyou, enabling him who was then deemed not possibly able to gain fame, to become a much sought male lead later on. Michelle Ye demonstrates such determination in all aspects. "If you are determined, people only recognize that you (your decision) are right when you achieve success. When you consecutively do this a few times more, others will begin to trust you (your decision), that you have the capability and approach, so whenever there is any issue, they will say, "Hey no worries, she will surely overcome it!"


"From being doubtful, to having faith to overcome it", that was how it started from the filming of 'Athena'. The world may lament, what in the world is this, a war time story being filmed into a '007' and 'Meteor Gardens' combo, can this be a success? However, Michelle Ye knew that the trend lies in creativity, "For example 'My Fair Princess' series which filmed the Qing dynasty in a refreshing angle, no one experienced it too!"

She lived many years in Hong Kong and the States, and witnessed much variation of creativity, "In Mainland, what becomes a popular is actually a past trend elsewhere, and such trending is inevitable in the development of history. Just like how people are using Apple phone, how much we admire Xiaomi, how much we like WeChat, actually they are all learning from others, because TalkBox is long available in United States."





The success of 'Athena' exceeded expectations, it sold quickly once the trailer was released, and went on to achieve breakthrough viewing rates when it started airing. "We have to work towards convincing those who are doubtful of us, until we earn their faith." Michelle's wide experience gained brimming confidence. This series later on encountered challenges with the review board, causing a lot of re-filming and amendments, Michelle's team were driven into anxiety. A management officer from Hunan station who finished watching 'Athena' said, 'My Fair Princess' also encountered similar challenges, the cast in 'My Fair Princess' were all newbies, and the scenes in the palace were all comical and not factual, but look what happened later on? "So many series similar to 'My Fair Princess' genre came to air, the series itself has many sequels, thus the only secret weapon, is your determination."


Confidence, is to be wholly aware of the type of person you are, and to wholly accept such person


"Self-awareness requires wisdom, some people are over confident, some people are lack of faith in themselves, some people blame themselves for who they are, and is obstinate to change to become another person, all these leads to lack of confidence." Michelle Ye said.


"I am aware of the type of person I am, and am aware of what the market needs, thus my efforts are to work towards that."


Her determination and persistence in producing 'Athena', saying that "Faith is what causes the world to change, in real life, Michelle Ye holds on to the same principle.


When she insisted to take up the role of a producer, it was because, "As an actor your contribution towards a production is merely at twenty percent, however the market usually recognizes the success or failure of a production to the cast. Actually, however much the praises and criticism, it is not too much about the actor."


Michelle Ye does not like to be labelled as 'a winner', 'a success' and such since her career as a producer. "It is very hard for a woman to become a successful leader, I am still learning every day," she commented happily.


"My gene is dominated by male elements." Michelle Ye does not go shopping, and only buys what she needs, she goes for what she needs and is not attracted by any other products, thus if Michelle Ye accompanies her girl friends shopping, it is a torture for her, "It is just like the feeling of a man who accompanies a woman to go shopping." She then made a deal with her girl friends that when they go shopping, she will be doing other things and come back to meet at a common venue later on.


Also, it doesn't matter what frustrating or worrying or happy issues she has, Michelle Ye can sleep anywhere and anytime, "Be it on the plane, in the car or anywhere else, this should be a natural ability!"


Her independent living in the United States also trained her boldness, "Living in the blacks area, also trained me to be bold, what does not kill me, makes me stronger."


For example when 'Athena' faced much challenges with the review board, everyone else were anxious, Michelle Ye said, "Nothing to worry, no big deal. Actually once you work towards it, you will realize that everything is achievable! A woman's capability is comparable to a man's, but it is because of your own brainwashed: Aiya, I can't do it, I can't run as fast, I can't be as successful..."


Michelle Ye entered the industry via the pageant, emerging as the champion of Miss Chinese International; she was from the Wellesley College and then signed on with TVB. In the early days, the roles she played are mostly youthful, kind and innocent girls, and then became a sexy woman; no one ever imagined she will become such a strongly successful woman. "But it is true that a role does differ from your real person."


After leaving TVB, Michelle Ye once met Myolie Wu, who said, "Your decision to leave back then was right. I am also now reconsidering where else I can move on my career to." Michelle Ye said, "At 35 years old, you can still make it, it is more challenging than a 25 years old, but more dynamic than a 45 years old. Optimistically, you may be entering into the turning point of your life."


You need 10 boyfriends


Obviously, Michelle Ye is not one who takes the common route. She loves car racing and horse racing activities, she said, "I love the adventurous spirit and the speed, I like the exhilaration that comes with danger. Even if I am not talented enough to personally race in car races, I like to watch, be it cars or bikes or horses, I am addicted to all." When she meets racer, her eyes will glitter!


Even her perception towards wedding is unique: In a tribe within Africa, everyone dancing to the fire, wearing their costumes of grass and skin, with some animals around. In the midst of such high environment, Michelle said, Okay, let's go into the cave for some fun!


A woman still needs love, no matter how busy her career is. Others like to joke, Michelle, a person like you need 10 boyfriends! "Haha, I changed the perception, I can have some male friends. We can communicate and chat, but not talk about getting married every day, and not necessarily be in a girlfriend / boyfriend relationship, it will be quite delightful to have 10 successful and talented male friends!"


Maintaining a friendly bond and distance, it is healthy and lively. Sometimes, Michelle Ye will just go for a drink and chat with her neighbors, "A casual and cheerful bond, it is very precious! No big deal to have a boyfriend to talk about marriage all the time!"


I am thoroughly captivated by her boldness, humor and acceptance when first meeting Michelle Ye. She will chat with you sincerely, be it love or man, she has nothing to hide, as though we are best friends of many years. She is a beautiful one, a humorous one, an energetic one, and has a mysterious appeal.


She was just telling the crew then, "Must a woman get married, give birth and take care of a family to be happy? Not necessarily. Like many men, what makes them happy is neither marriage nor love. They have buddies, dreams, career, and contribution to the society... We should learn all these from man. We need to be independent not only on the surface (financially and image), but from the core, aside your career, your soul needs independence, this is most important!"


In Michelle's mentality, a woman needs to be surrounded by dreams and success, family, relatives, best friends, career, soul mate, "Never should a woman's life be revolved around just her partner." For example, when a man pursues you, he will put in all his effort and chat with you every day, but after marriage, many women will cry complaining, why are you different from when you were pursuing me? You have changed!


"What you should have done is, be totally in love when you are dating, when you have found the one and settled, you can also spend time on your career, hobbies, and friends. When you are totally dependent on him, be it financially or emotionally, that will cause you much unhappiness, it is not worth it!"


In Michelle's life dictionary, being in love is part of life; its priority has switched ranks at different stages of her life. "No one can do one thing forever; it is the same as for being in love." When you are young, you may blindly fall in love, "Now being in love is much more in control" When balancing her career and love relationship recently, she jokingly said, "Haha, I will tell them, instead of accepting this film, why not I get a relationship."


Michelle's words:


1. You can have both career and relationship intertwining, just like the stripes on a zebra, one black one white, it is very fulfilling.


2. Some people may think of how much money to earn, how many kids to have, how happy a family to build, and to achieve a certain status and fame in order to be successful, but in my life point of view, I feel that how much experience you gained is a measure of success, fulfilling and colorful life is most successful.


3. I have many best friends who I can share my heart with, can help me, be it woman or man. There was once when I sent an advertisement of 'Athena' to a group of friends, everyone calculated that I saved about 16 million worth of advertisement fees.


4. I never think that monetary possession equals wealth; it is but a means of resources allocation. What is wealth? Every resource such as people connection, friendship, experience and wisdom.


5. Someone who has a dream will never be lost. One will work to utilize his capability and talent to benefit oneself and others. For example an environment worker, if he acknowledges that his job is a contribution to the society, then he has a dream and will live happily.


6. Sexual relation is important but it is not a major part of a love relationship, no one will spend 20 hours of 24 hours in a day in sexual relationship! If you meet your boyfriend for 5 hours, you may spend 4 hours bonding through chats and sharing experiences. Thus I feel that if you maintain friendship with male friends, you already can gain a lot within the 4 hours of sharing. Sometimes I am unwilling to enter the fifth hour, because when you are there, in more conventional society, you may congratulate yourself and soon have a baby...


7. My perception in love is that, if (he) loves you, then (he) should allow you freedom, and not controlling you because of love.


8. Last time I used to like handsome actors, but now I have upgraded, I need the exquisiteness (talents) from within, for example a racer! Haha, am I too greedy...



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