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Star Michelle Ye joins Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business charity event; 330k Yuan donation to Hubei Central Elementary School

Posted by MYR on April 19, 2015 at 1:20 AM


Source: http://nd.fjsen.com/2015-04/20/content_15971387_3.htm

Translated by Rain @ michelle-ye.com

19th Apr 2015



More than 30 members from the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business visited a rural school, Hubei Central Elementary School at Ningde to donate 150k worth of daily necessities and stationary, as well as financial donation amounted to 300k Yuan, as a motivation for the students towards the road of success, allowing the rural and less fortunate children to feel the society's warmth of love. Famous star Michelle Ye was also present as a member of the Graduate School, demonstrating love through these aids.


As the school is in the rural of mountainous area, the transportation is inconvenient, and most are from poor families, youths mostly leave the place for work, leaving behind mostly children. The school is lagging in teaching infrastructures, requiring upgrades.


"The books in the library are mostly bought more than a decade ago, and are unable to accommodate the reading requirements of students today, the hostel, canteen and classroom buildings are dilapidated, more than thirty students are crammed within a small canteen, while teachers' hostel are made from classrooms segregated by plywoods, and most windows are damaged, the leaking roof is also a major problem, the entire building also has no washroom, affecting the normal routine of classes." The principal of the school also elaborated, "The donation from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business has come at the right time, the financial aid has solved much of our problem."


The students sang a song "Appreciation from the heart" in the field to end the day with much gratitude to their group of visitors.


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