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Michelle Ye purchases real estate property for staff as their year-end bonus

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Translated by Rain @ Michelle-ye.com

6th Feb 2015


Flying planes, racing cars, establishing a company, becoming a producer; Michelle Ye has no doubt become the iconic role model of a woman chairman in the entertainment circle. Michelle Ye who is recently filming 'Sou Suo Lian' 《搜索连》series in Hengdian stayed there for some time, and conveniently bought a mansion as home, seemingly to plan for a long term stay. Reporters also discovered that Michelle Ye not only bought herself property, she also bought houses for her staff as their year-end bonus, making her the most rewarding woman boss in the entertainment industry.


Spends 300 days a year in Hengdian; investing in Hengdian real estate


Hengdian also popularly known as 'China Hollywood' is a loved-hated place by every actor. This is where ancient series in traditional costume, as well as war time series are made. On the other hand, the tough conditions in Hengdian becomes every actor's dreaded times, especially the freezing cold wind in the winter as Hengdian is in the mountains, where the temperature is often below zero degrees, leaving the actors in suffering in their costumes.


It was understood that Michelle Ye has a habit of not filming in winter, however last year she gave exception to 'Sou Suo Lian' as it was an exceptionally good script. It is for this reason she dons her thin layer of series costume in the harsh winter, as well as put up with the dangerous rains of bullets and gunshots, often ending with injuries, a very challenging time indeed. Such harsh conditions did not deter Michelle Ye, she even confessed falling for Hengdian during an interview at the filming set, "I have always been filming in Hengdian, and made many friends here, everyone is very friendly, and we have bonded through the films."


Her optimism in hard times is indeed admirable. Due to work, Michelle Ye also spent more than 300 days in the year of 2014 in Hengdian, becoming a true permanent resident of Hengdian. Due to this, the woman chairman boss spent some money buying a double story mansion as her home. In addition to this, Michelle Ye also posted on her Weibo last month "Woke up so early, pray that I get to choose a good number", while attaching her photo at the Dongyang Electrical Vehicle Industry Association, it seems the female chairman is now equipped with a home and car, highly possibly planned for her long term stay.

"Generously rewarding" staff with property as year-end bonus for staff


Michelle Ye bought a double story unit in Hengdian, the place is far more than enough to accommodate her alone. Michelle Ye expressed that she bought the spacious place not only for her own stay, but intends to convert it into a club. "I'm from Hangzhou, and very passionate about Zhejiang, I like to invest in the Zhejiang area, I have another objective of buying this house, I like to meet up with friends, and like to invite friends to stay over when they visit me or come to film, I like the merry atmosphere. I also intend to establish a club, so my friends feel at home when they come to Hengdian."


Every time the end of the year approaches, year-end bonus becomes the topic of discussion of all companies. Some gives out percentage of company shares as a refreshing approach of rewarding staff, woman chairman Michelle Ye instead opted her own unique way - awarding properties in real estate. It is understood that Michelle Ye not only bought herself a house, she also awarded her staff the same as their year-end bonus, "We will have much more work in Hengdian in the time to come, every time I film, my team have to come and stay, it is quite a hassle, and the accommodation here are not as comfortable, my heart pities them, thus I hope through this way that my staff have a better working environment." Because of her pity, she awards them a house as their year-end bonus, such a beautiful and sensitive to needs, female chairman they have!


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