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Female Celebrity Michelle Ye encounters lights fountain confession; Love life stirs speculations

Posted by MYR on November 9, 2014 at 9:15 AM

Source: http://hainan.ifeng.com/news/yuletiyu/detail_2014_11/09/3125046_0.shtml

Zhong Xin Net Beijing

Female celebrity Michelle Ye’s love live has always been a mystery. Last night, a netizen revealed on Weibo, claiming an anonymous person confessed his love for Michelle Ye with lights fountain, complete with a video, stirring a heated discussion online. Until the print of this media report, Michelle Ye has yet came forward with any clarifications.

Last night, Shanghai’s Evening News Weibo revealed the news, claiming that a anonymous person utilized the grand lights water fountain at Shanghai World Expo to confess to female celebrity Michelle Ye, “It was a very cool scene.” The confession was, “Xuan, I’m willing to be your support, to protect you from the rain and storms – Mr. B”

Even after the incident being wildly spread, Michelle Ye did not come forward personally with any clarifications. When reporters contacted her manager, she briefly denied any knowledge, “Am unaware of what has happened…” and hurriedly hung up.

Several netizens speculated on the “confession” incident, making reference to Michelle’s weibo posts, saying she is already seeing someone. Quoting Michelle’s previous posts as evidence, “ Michelle Ye previously posted ‘On the way to your arms’ on Weibo, in such sweet tone, she must have found her other half.”

Reporters verified the claim reading back on Michelle’s Weibo, indeed, such post was found on Oct 25th, aside her words, there were also several icons of loving expression, it was definitely a ‘sweetly in love’ post. As for her actual relationship status, Michelle Ye once hinted to media, “Quite bored recently, (I) may try for a relationship.”

Aside that, on Oct 22nd, Michelle Ye also posted some photos of her magazine photoshoot complete with caption, “If I were to fall in love, it'd have to be with you。”sounding like her relationship has found a candidate.

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