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Michelle Ye Collaborates with Raymond Lam for an Expensive "Friendship Price"

Posted by MYR on September 2, 2013 at 8:35 AM

Source: Oriental Daily

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Raymond Lam and Michelle Ye collaborate once again after ten years in the new Mainland drama The Purple Hairpin. Yesterday Raymond and Michelle appeared at the TVB promotional event for the drama, which is scheduled to air on TVB Jade HD soon. On stage, it was seen Raymond and Michelle were still good buddies and chatted nonstop. Michelle expressed she personally made the call to Raymond inviting him to participate in this drama. She said: "Collaborating with him again is one of my hidden wishes for many years. We are partners with chemistry. (Friendship price?) Yes, our friendship is very valuable. We're good friends, but he was still very expensive."


Raymond now has a girlfriend Karena BB, asked about Michelle's love life? She said: "My BB? I'm not as lucky as him. (Current status?) He's so busy, but still has some time for dating. My status is that I am even busier, I don't even have that little time for dating. Nobody will like such a busy person like me. (No rush?) No rush. I'm happy to see Raymond doing so well. We grew up together. He had a smooth development over the years, he's personal and love life are very good, I feel peace and happiness for him. He invited me to watch his concert before, the dream he had 10 years ago finally came true. I'm happy for him." When speaking of their past rumors, Michelle said in a serious tone: "We did have a rumor, and still kept in touch while there were rumors, but we haven't seen each other in 10 years. We're still good partners with chemistry."


Raymond directly expressed he had not been in touch with Michelle for over 10 years since she left TVB, but greatly praised that she's a very successful business owner now. Raymond expressed he had already completed three dramas in Mainland and feels "relieved" coming back to HK. Asked if he's going to go on vacation with Karena BB? He said: "Normal lifestyle. (Any plans?) No, finish up the work I have now." Asked if he's bringing his girlfriend home on Mid-Autumn Festival? He said: "It's personal."


A reader disclosed to the media, that Raymond was spotted with a ring on his finger at the Miss Hong Kong 2013 final last night, it was said he's already married. Also, Raymond was a judge at the Miss HK final, some questioned on whether he was biased towards Miss HK winner Grace Chan and Second runner-up Sisley Choi because they physically resembled Karena BB. Raymond said: "The ring was sponsored by the company endorse for. It is just a normal accessory. Thank you all for the concern."


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