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Michelle Ye Might Make a TVB Comeback

Posted by MYR on March 22, 2013 at 9:55 AM

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Today, Michelle Ye appeared in Central for the press conference of a new stage play 如此長江 that she's participating in. She expressed this time, she was persuaded by her respected mentor Poon Ka Tak. She said: "I'm really trying something new this time, after all I didn't start out from the performing arts school, so I don't really have much experience in this area. However, they had confidence in me, so I decided to push my worries onto them." Michelle is going to stop working and concentrate entirely on rehearsal. Of course, this also means she'll suffer losses in her income. Asked when she'll come back to shoot a TVB series? She said: "They have approached me before, after all TVB and Poon Ka Tak are my respected mentors, so if needed, I will definitely do it. I believe they won't cause harm to me."

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