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Michelle attends Raymond's Concert

Posted by MYR on January 30, 2013 at 10:50 AM

Source: Oriental Daily

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Raymond Lam Sweet Smiles when Kay Tse Teases him and 'BB' Karena Ng


Raymond Lam's three show A TIME 4 YOU HK Coliseum concert ended last night. TVB rising FaDans Christine Kuo, Eliza Sam, Rebecca Zhu and Grace Wong watched the show in support for him, but the attention was placed on Raymond's recent rumored girlfriends - "BB" Karena Ng, Rose Chan and Michelle Ye.


At the first show, the 'actual girlfriend' Karena BB made a high-profile appearance and got Raymond to deliberately 'grant' her a seat, making their relationship surface. On the second show, ex-rumored girlfriend Rose Chan was there to support him and on the final night, he had Michelle Ye's support and in turn she got a VIP seat. Michelle's ex-boyfriend Benny Chan and his wife were also went to see the concert, what a 'triangle mistake'. Other supporters at the concert were Michael Miu and his wife Jamie Chik, Virgina Lok and Michael Tse.


Kay Tse was the guest performer at the final show and took the 'Raymond-Karena romance' to joke with. She said: "I'm so nervous today because our duet is a romantic song. I'm not sure whether your BB is here or not, but if she's here then I'm going to feel really shy!" Kay really heated up the atmosphere and got Raymond to release a honey sweet smile!


When speaking of Kay's joke, Raymond laughed: "She told me beforehand, I didn't mind. (There are fans scolding BB on Weibo?) Don't play me! (What relationship do you have with her?) It's all just written by you guys!" When asked if BB praised his singing? Raymond nodded sweetly: "Yes!" Raymond also revealed his father watched all three of shows, but has he seen his 'daughter-in-law' BB yet? Raymond smiled and told reporters to stop asking.

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