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"The Purple Hairpin" filming rapidly; Michelle Ye denies bad relationship with TVB

Posted by MYR on December 14, 2012 at 11:40 AM

11 Dec 2012

Source: Sina Entertainment

The Purple Hairpin’ directed by Tan Qiao, and casting Michelle Ye, Raymond Lam as well as Cheng Cheng is currently filming rapidly in Hengdian. The first ancient series production of Michelle Ye not only has a large crowd of reputable casts on board, what was more surprising was that the main casts were mostly from Michelle’s ‘debut company’. Not only Raymond Lam, Kingdom Yuen, Elaine Jin from TVB joinged the cast, even the renowned production director of TVB, Kar Wai Nam was in the crew. This has caused much curiosity to all who once speculated the ‘bad relationship’ rumored among the two parties. The day before, Michelle Ye who has always been low profile in handling her rumors accepted an interview and first talked about her past relationship with her ‘home’ TVB, and insisted that her bond with TVB is strong, denying the rumors for years.

Michelle Ye was honored the winner of ‘Miss Chinese International’ pageant in the year 1999, and was signed to TVB, becoming a highly promoted actress, with her debut series as ‘Gods of Honor’. She first drew audience’ attention through her female lead role ‘Yang Lianhua’, and gained recognition overnight in her later collaboration with Raymond Lam in ‘Eternal Happiness’. She also continued to become the favorite viewing rates queen through her other popular works such as ‘Lofty Waters, Verdant Bow’, ‘Triumph in the Skies’, ‘Lost in the Chamber of Love’, and many more.

She quickly became TVB’s fadan, but what was unexpected was when she rejected TVB’s invitation to renew her contract upon her contract expiry at her most popular period. She then starred in TVB’s ‘opponent’, ATV’s mega production, ‘Central Affairs’. It was then highly speculated that she has a bad relationship with TVB and turned to ATV. In the many years, Michelle Ye has been low profile in her works and has never made public statement regarding this rumor.

Upon accepting an interview the day before, she first clarified the truth of her ‘departure’ years ago, “I did not go to ATV when I left TVB back then, that is just a rumor. I left the series industry to join the movie industry and became an artist under the Media Asia Movie company, and I was much supported by TVB’s management, they all agreed that I would have a better space of progression, and advised me to appreciate the chance to progress into the big screen, and thus led to my decision back then. When I won an award at the Hong Kong Film Awards, Virginia Lok (TVB’s director) came to congratulate and support me, I felt that earning more recognition from the audience is among the best way for me to reward TVB’s training and assistance to me”

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