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Raymond Lam suits the character

Posted by MYR on October 18, 2012 at 10:05 PM

Credits: Yahoo Malaysia (http://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/m....-060500477.html


19 Oct 2012

"He suits the character," that's what Michelle Ye told the media regarding her choice of casting Raymond Lam as the lead role in her latest period drama, "Legend of the Purple Hairpin".


Popular Asians website reported that during the commencement ceremony in Hengdian World Studios, the actress-turned-producer explained her reasons for making Raymond Lam her first choice to play the role of Yellow Man Nalan Dong, and it wasn't just because of their chemistry on TVB's "Eternal Happiness" ten years ago.


"Raymond has a very noble look when it comes to costume dramas," the actress explained. "He is very casual yet elegant, and a very skilful actor. He suits Nalan Dong character to a T. He is my very first choice for the role."


Based on one of Ming Dynasty playwright Tang Xianzu's works, "The Purple Hairpin", "Legend of the Purple Hairpin" takes place during the Tang Dynasty era, and focuses on the romantic fate of four characters – dancer Huo Xiaoyu, Yellow Man Nalan Dong, the scholar Li Yi, and the brave Lu Jinglan

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