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"The Ninth Widow" begins to air; Michelle Ye breakthrough past image to outperform

Posted by MYR on October 21, 2012 at 9:40 PM

Source: http://ent.sina.com.cn/v/m/2012-10-22/06253768576.shtml

22nd Oct 2012

Liu Peiqi and Michelle Ye


Michelle Ye in the series


Michelle Ye fishing in the river


Michelle Ye and Li Dongxue


An adaptation from the famous novel of Geling Yan, the epic historical war series casting Michelle Ye, Liu Peiqi, Li Dongxue, etc will officially begin to air in Jiangsu channel tonight.  Golden Horse award winner actress Michelle Ye will be a producer for the first time while playing heroine Wang Putao, who is fearlessly bold and witty.


“The Ninth Widow”, like all other Geling Yan’s works, focused the limelight on the female characters.  The storyline brings out the most extraordinary as well as colorful sides of the heroine through her emotional turmoil as well as meetings and separations with the others around her.  Wang Putao portrayed by Michelle Ye, is a fearlessly bold and wild figure.  Quoting the director, Wang Putao is a wild leopard who knows no defeat in war, and has specifically named Michelle Ye to play this role.  She expressed, “Michelle Ye is in fact Wang Putao.”  Like the saying goes, ‘There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes...’


To portray the role, Michelle Ye did not hesitate to have a ugly makeover to appear like a countryside villager.  She also rode a horse, went farming, played a pregnant woman and acted many more scenes that breakthroughs her past image to perfectly portray the role.  She also invited the the Golden Horse award recognized crew to polish up on the art and costume, striving for perfection.  Michelle Ye expressed, “The Ninth Widow” is not merely another classic mega production for everyone, but it will present a work of visual pleasure for its audience.

“The Ninth Widow’” is a collaboration production of Bohai Film and TV, CHS Media, Bona Film Group, Quanren Studio and Sanyou Century.  Michelle Ye who first experienced as a producer for the mega production, has put in much admirable efforts.  Michelle Ye expressed, she will present to audience a different story, a different Wang Putao.  The series will be airing tonight on Jiangsu channel, three episodes in a go.


“The Ninth Widow” Michelle Ye portrays a unique Wang Putao


Source: Sina Entertainment

23 Oct 2012


Series photo of Michelle Ye


Michelle Ye & Li DongXue

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