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Michelle Ye: Live in Love

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Source: Figaro Women

Magazine Page Credits: wangyiwei7200 @ Weibo


Michelle Ye

Live in Love


Women must always live in the atmosphere of being in love!


Michelle Ye confessed to being similar to the character she played in ‘The 9th Widow’, ‘Wang Putao’ due to her determination, but at close interactions with her, her gentler appeal cannot be denied. In fact, she was once in a turmoil of ceaseless rumors and gossips, yet she proved being a career woman and workaholic did not deter her appeal towards men at all.

Had it not been her pageant win leading towards a TVB contract, Michelle Ye would most probably be a lawyer or a diplomat by now. Being an intellectual gem rarely found in the entertainment circle, she won the scholarship into America’s fourth ranking women’s college in pursue of the Political Science degree, and has always claimed Hilary Clinton to be her idol. It is Hilary’s wisdom and ambitious fortitude which she admired most, and Michelle Ye too never denied herself as an ambitious person, her striving target is to be the best in the industry, and today, she is diligently working towards her target, appreciating and enjoying the process along the route.



Wang Putao, the role most similar to me

Everyone will somewhat experience their own characteristics through their works, I am personally more independent and bold, I also support the view that women should be strong and independent, thus when choosing the films that I produce, or characters that I portray, they tend to bias towards tough characters. When reading Yan Geling’s ‘The 9th Widow’, I decided to film it, because I just favor the character Wang Putao too much, she is the character most similar to myself among all my works. She is like a wild leopard, and is fearless. Though she seems confused on the surface, she is actually very clear of what she exactly wants, she is never bounded by the social traditions, be it her love or her life, she strives for them boldly, pursuing them till the end, I, am such a person too in reality.

Faith changes the world

‘Athena’ is the most challenging production which required most efforts from me since becoming a producer, we re-filmed part of scenes to perfect it. Just going to and fro from the film administration office took me more than twenty trips, many times I felt defeated, but then I saw Pony Ma’s interview (founder of Tencent), he mentioned even a company like Tengxun faced many challenges, what we can do is to never ever give up, pace a step at a time. Many people felt that it was too difficult a route for me to produce this film, but like what is to be portrayed by this series, faith can change the world.

What’s my faith? From the first day I entered the industry, I never thought of just being an actress, I wanted to be a creator - an actress, a scriptwriter, a producer are all creators. After winning the Hong Kong Film Awards’ best supporting actress, director Johnny To told me that winning an award is just punctuation, it is not that significant. Eventually, it is whether or not you win the respect of the industry, and becoming the benchmark (of the industry) should be the target you want to strive for. I believe people with faith are ready to boldly sacrifice themselves, because those challenges and efforts, and the desire to breakthrough a dilemma, proved that we were once young, and lived through it. People around me all believed that if I were born in the war time, I am definitely the type who fight in the frontline, yes, indeed, I am such a person.

Live four times fuller a lifetime than others

Ever since I started work, tens of years, I basically maintained two to three hours of sleep, but I am still dynamic in my work. Thus I concluded your body can adapt to your lifestyle, and that lack of sleep can be adapted to over the time. Thinking positively, I earn an extra of four to five hours compared to others, cumulatively, I live four times fuller this lifetime. Of course, my responsibilities has increased so much more now, especially after becoming a producer and scriptwriter. I remember when writing ‘The 9th Widow’ script, I had gastroenteritis, and was resting on bed. I took a notebook and started writing, and hours pass by unbeknownst to me, only after completing my writing did I realize, that my inflammation caused a layer of my skin to peel off. Many people think I am working too hard, but I don’t agree, once I enter the working atmosphere, I am just like some gaming addicts online, or those who goes clubbing, or those travelers, in short, just like them, I am actually enjoying the process of a favorite hobby of mine



Making what should be done into what you love to do

As I debuted from beauty pageant, it is only natural for people to assume you just a beauty (without talents), thus in my earlier times, I first strive to show that I am not just a beauty. Filming ‘Eternal Happiness’, I read the original book three months ahead, when filming ‘Lofty Waters, Verdant Bow’, I made a special visit to the original author Mr Liang Yusheng, he taught me to bring Li Shengnan’s fortitude in love to life. I also went to learn martial arts with double swords, it was a two months training, a daily two hours training, I cried through the training. To excel in acting, you need to be prepared to sweat through it. Actually when I first entered this industry in my twenties, I am someone who lacks confidence, and I was almost immediately given three series to lead. Back then, I would think, am I as capable as they think? I ask myself everyday, if I should do what I love, or if I should do what needs to be done? A senior told me, “You need to do what needs to be done, only then you can do what you love to do, and you should make what needs to be done, into things you love to do.”


The role wished to play most is Fatal Goddess

I am still focusing on filming series, movies will be a bonus. Frankly, movies with female leads are less interesting. If the female character dominates half of it, it is definitely a love film, whereas I personally favor thrilling movies. I think it is because of my characteristics that I fit into playing tough characters more. I am grateful for director Johnny To who discovered my such potential, I also like his high IQ and dynamically thrilling movies, the inner voices of the characters of his movie are illustrated excellently. I know a type of female character, in the French movie, it is called Femme Fatale, which means the ‘Fatal Goddess’. Director Johnny To is much influenced by the French latest movie direction, thus though the female characters in his movie may be minimal, but their impact towards the male icons is significant.

Louis Koo is an antisocial person

Louis Koo and I played a couple in ‘Overheard 3’, we have worked together several times, this time around is the most emotional one - we grew up together, and then I went to prison, spying together and right up till death. We were both actors from TVB, Director Mak said TVB actors save films, plus we have a lot of chemistry working together, we usually do our scenes just once. Aside work, in reality, Louis Koo is also my best friend, we talk about everything. However, he is indeed an intrapersonal person, he has few friends, he has worked together with Sean Lau countless times, yet he does not have his phone number. His only female friends are Sandra Ng and myself, because we belong to those livelier and more cheerful type, to be able to let him let down his intrapersonal wall.


The modern person who lives the ancient way

Most people felt that though I grew up in the States, I do not have the ‘banana’ elements, maybe because I am brought up with a lot of conventional and cultural elements. I learnt the traditional dance since young, and learnt the 300 Tang poems at the tender age of three, my calligraphy teacher is Sha Menghai, it is also because I lived with my grandparents, I also loved to listen to the opera, especially the Shaoxing opera. My lifestyle is deemed quite ancient by most people of this time, I rarely go shopping in Hong Kong, I do that less than three times in a year, I don’t really like it, I have no urge to shop. Jewelry, clothes and shoes are not my interest, they are mainly bought by my company. I don’t buy clothes by myself, and I usually shop in bookstores, I am the type of person who read even when queuing queues to pass customs, I treasure every minute I have to read. I love Moyan, Sutong, Yan Geling, (and many more Chinese authors I am unable to identify and translate). It doesn’t matter where I am, I love to hike, walk, so if I’m not in a hurry, I will let my driver rest, I will walk few streets across, and appreciate the scenery.

Being in love is the best reward for working hard

For me, aside from working so hard, the best reward of myself is to be in love, specifically, at this stage of time, I enjoy the feeling of being pursued. I met someone recently, it is someone introduced by Monica Mok sometime back as a potential candidate, but that time I made a very foolish mistake, I accidentally sent my reply for Monica to him, the text was about my impression on him, and words among good girl friends are often not filtered and straightforward, thus we only met once and that was the end. Unexpectedly, I met him again in an event this year, and the feeling is different after a few years of gap, life is indeed astonishing!

Everyone has an independent soul

I started living alone at the age of 13, thus I always felt that everyone should have an independent soul, and needn’t be dependent on anyone for anything. Of course, I will help others, and others may help me sometimes, but being dependant is a no-no. To me, being dependant is a cruel matter, because I love freedom so much. If I were always dependent on you for food, for care, for clothes and accommodation, it is definitely something cruel for you as well. Maybe this is somewhat connected to my parents’ divorce since young, I believe there are perfect families, but it is rare. I have no kinship in my childhood days, I am independent because of the situation, I too often reflect on my younger days, at the age of thirteen, I often question, “Why do my parents bring me to this world, but care nothing about me?” I am dissatisfied, but I never cry, just like some victims of disasters, when facing any disaster, it leaves us no time to feel sadness. Thus, I have never planned on marriage, I felt, not getting married, or even getting married at the age of 60 or 80 years old, it doesn’t matter, but for women, it is important to always live in the atmosphere of being in love.


Michelle Ye continued shooting for programs with high fever; nearly fainted at set from exhaustion

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14th Aug 2014

Source: China News Online

Recently, ‘Eastern Battlefield’ series starring Michelle Ye has just completed filming, when she participated in the shooting of a celebrity reality show ‘Nv Shen Xin Yi’ (Goddess’ new clothes) which will soon be aired on Dongfang channel. Her packed schedule is taking a toll on her health where it was said that Michelle was having high fever on the night of ‘Goddess’’ shooting, and nearly fainted on set due to fatigue, but she persisted to continue to complete the shooting.

The crew of ‘Goddess’’ revealed, “Her body temperature was as high as 38.9 degrees Celsius , and nearly fainted on the set, thus we advised her to see a doctor and have a good rest, but she was very understanding towards the show’s crew and has a professional attitude to insist on to shoot the remaining of the program before going for a rest. True enough, she stood to her words, and her performance was not compromised in any way, this earned everyone’s recognition and respect.”

Michelle’s crew expressed that due to lengthy continuous work schedule recently, her immune system has deteriorated. Prior to the shooting of the show, Michelle has been working overnight, thus during the night of the shooting, she fell ill. After the shooting yesterday, she finally went to the hospital where the doctor diagnosed her with a virus infection and throat inflammation as well as high fever, and she was requested to be hospitalized for close monitoring. “After intensive medication and some drips, Michelle began recovering, and will not delay any filming progress.”

This is not the first time Michelle Ye persisted to continue working despite her illness. Earlier when she was filming ‘Eastern Battlefield’, she often continued filming with 40 degrees high fever to avoid delaying filming progress, causing much anxiety and sympathy from the crew.

It is said that Michelle Ye’s participation in the ‘Goddess’’ show is about a contest of fashion among the Goddesses. In the show, Michelle appeared and posed as a unique goddess ‘female warrior’.

"Ying Shan Hong" filming rapidly; Michelle Ye madly in love with "artistic youth"

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Translated By: Michelle Ye's Realm

Source: Xinhua Net



TV series ‘Ying Shan Hong’ whose script and plots personally directed by renowned director and screenwriter Xue Xiaolu (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xue_Xiaolu), casting Michelle Ye, Tian Hairong, Monica Mok is filming rapidly. In this legendary mega production of the revolutionary times, Michelle Ye plays Chen Manjin where her love for the ‘artistic youth’ caused much comedic scenes, bringing some light hearted moments in the solemn script.

Plays ‘lover girl’ in series, madly in love with ‘artistic youth’

TV series ‘Ying Shan Hong’ is a series of anti-Japanese war and the revolutionary times. The four main leads in the series build a strong friendship bond during the war times, even after long times, their bond remained. Chen Manjin played by Michelle Ye is a country girl through and through, and tags after her life saver, Ni Zhihui and joins the revolutionary group. She is simple and straightforward, and dares to walk her talk, and is forever at the frontline during war times, as well as being bold enough to pursue her loved one when she met him.

Chen Manjin is seemingly unable to resist being attracted to knowledgeable and talented man.

An adorable scholar of the village, Lin Fengqi becomes the first man Chen Manjin admires. In order to save Lin Fengqi who was imprisoned, Chen Manjin armed with firearms attacks the police force all alone, she also robs the casino to fund their escape, and nearly died in action. When the suave and gentlemanly Dr. Taan rescued and nursed her back to health, Chen Manjin is secretly touched. She becomes his assistant throughout some days, yet when her love was rejected, she even pointed a gun at him to love her… Although Chen Manjin’s ‘love story’ is blind and aggressive, Michelle in fact revealed that she is touched by the character: “She is bold in pursuing love, and is even willing to sacrifice her life for love, these are rare gems in love.”

A ‘single status’ in reality; confesses (she) enjoys her current status

In the series, Chen Manjin plays scenes after scenes of comedic love story, and is fervently and passionately pursuing her love. In reality, Michelle Ye is in fact of the ‘single status’, she expresses that her single lifestyle is best for her currently, “In my opinion, marriage and love are two matters. Actually, I’m less inclined towards marriage, when I’m with friends now, living our single lifestyle, it is best for me currently.”

"Overheard 3" Promotion Brought Forward, Michelle Ye attends events continuously

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Translated By: Michelle Ye's Realm 

Source: Sina Entertainment

Recently, Michelle Ye who has the title of ‘role model of the entertainment industry’ attends events continuously for days, with an average load of four to five events in a day. She is present for the promotion events of ‘Overheard 3’ which is scheduled to hit the screens on May 30th. In the mega-production police-bandit story of ‘Overheard 3’, Michelle Ye plays the wealthy heiress of a business conglomerate, and has some most intriguing scenes with her fellow co-casts such as Sean Lau, Louis Koo and Daniel Wu.

In 2011, Michelle Ye played a natural and convincing Tsui Foon in ‘Overheard 2’, her performance without the slightest hint of reservation won Director Felix Chong’s testimonial and confidence as “Today’s top Chinese movie actress.” In 2014, Michelle Ye again cross path with the Overheard series, and plays the third and favorite daughter of the monopoly man of New Territories (district in Hong Kong) Lu Hanyu, Lu Yongyu. Lu Yongyu who studied overbroad in England brings back with her new approaches into the district, and plays the crucial icon who decides on the fate of Lu’s Corporation… In this film of a crowd of dashing men, Michelle Ye becomes the most appealing female character who shares intriguing scenes with three of her co-casts, Sean Lau, Danial Wu and Louis Koo.

For the best of ‘Overheard 3’ promotion, Michelle Ye squeezed her time from her busy movie and series filming schedule, rushing between Beijing and Shanghai for the respective promotion events. In just two days, she has promptly completed photo shoots some of the region’s top magazine and media namely CosmoBride, Grazia, Sport Weekly, BQ Weekly, iFeng as well as the programmed for TV shows including ‘Guang Ying Xing Bo Ke’, etc. “Everyday (she is) busy from 6 in the morning till 10 at night, with interviews session even during her make up time. Although her schedule is very tight, she demands her best performance in all her works and events.” Such elaboration from her crew reveals that she is entirely committed and gives her 100% to her works, and is the most well deserved person for the title, ‘role model of the entertainment industry’.

Michelle Ye Received Award for Athena

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Credits: Michelle Ye's Realm

In Shanghai, Michelle received an award for the highest rating for a series that she produced on Feb. 22, 2014 for China TV.

In Michelle's speech, she stated that when she first completed the series, no one wanted to buy the series. Even when it was just a script, people said that no one would want to buy this series or watch the series,

Michelle said it was an honor to receive SMG Shanghai TV's recognition and that this award is the most important award she has received to date. The entire series, from the very beginning, from the script, to the investment, the production, even the distribution, and promotion -- it was all done by Michelle's team

Watch Michelle's acceptance speech below!


Michelle Ye preserves her eggs for surrogacy

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Credits: http://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/michelle-ye-preserves-her-eggs-surrogacy-034300560.html

Actress-producer, Michelle Ye is not rushing to get married and have kids, as she revealed recently that she has preserved her eggs a few years ago.

HK Channel reported that the 33-year-old actress, who recently sat down for an interview, revealed that she had spent hundreds of thousands to undergo oocyte cryopreservation in the United States, a technology where a woman's eggs are extracted, frozen, stored, and can be transferred into the uterus when she is ready to have a baby.

"This way, I can still have children even after I'm 80!" said the actress.

Michelle said that she knew it would be best for a woman to bear a child in her '30s to avoid difficulties, but believed that freezing her eggs would be the best choice.

"Life is full of stress nowadays, so the best thing is to preserve your eggs, fertilise them and use the help of a surrogate mother. I am no longer worried now that I have made the plan. I can have a lot of children as I want," she enthused.

When asked if she has plans to settle down, "The Purple Hairpin" actress revealed that she is in no rush to tie the knot, and hopes to find balance in her personal life and her career as an artiste.

In regards to rumours of romance with her co-star in "The Ninth Window", Li Dongxue, Michelle replied, "It's not true. None of them are true. I am too busy and I have not met anyone yet. Since I am also the producer, I would not encourage work romance."

Michelle Ye Fled TVB: I Wanted to be a Level 9 Artist

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December 29, 2013

Hong Kong Source: nandu.com, KuangaiTVB

Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net


The Tang dynasty musical legendary TV drama The Purple Hairpin starring Michelle Ye and Raymond Lam will be broadcasting on Guangdong TV with the leads' original Cantonese voices dubbed beginning on January 21st. Yesterday the promotional event was held in Guangzhou. The two talked about continuing their fate ten years later. Former TVB FaDan Michelle Ye and current TVB Siu Sang Raymond Lam collaborated in two series in the past Eternal Happiness and Lofty Waters Verdant Bow, but even before Michelle warmed up her TVB FaDan seat, she firmly left the company to develop her movie career and then in Mainland. Ten years later, Michelle and Raymond meet again. Michelle laughed: "Raymond is even more handsome and charming now! Our chemistry remains and our breathing is identical!" Raymond sighed: "Will I go down Michelle's path (work behind-the-scenes) in the future? Its too tiring! I don't think I can do it, I'll just stick to on-screen work."


In 2003 after Triumph in the Skies, Michelle was a young FaDan promoted by TVB, but she left the company and switched to the movie scene. Ultimately she won herself the Best Supporting Actress award at the HK Film Awards, then she moved up north to start developing her work studio and her own productions. From then on, she turned into a chairwoman and have worked as a producer in several Mainland dramas. Michelle told the media: "I debuted at TVB when I was 19, I didn't initially plan to leave TVB, but Wong Jing said to me: 'There are 9 levels in the entertainment circle. If you stay with TVB, your influential level and success as an artist could only get you up to level 6 at most. If you go out and work elsewhere, you could be like Carina Lau or Maggie Cheung, reach level 9.' At the time I was still young, but Wong Jing said I had hidden potential to develop outside of TVB. He has never been wrong! I listened to Wong Jing, he is definitely my talent scout."


So in Mainland, Michelle wasn't just an actress, she was also a producer from Looking for You to the End of the World to The Purple Hairpin. Michelle participated from the pre-production, finding an investor, casting, costume design and creating the script to post-production, the editing and promotion. She said: "I'm not that type of celebrity that just holds a 'producer' title, I do everything myself. One of the reasons is because to really produce great work, the actor is just the painter's brush, the actual painting is painted by the producer. You just have to ask yourself, do you want to be the painter's brush or the actual painter? The Purple Hairpin, I branded every part of it, it is my child!"


In the drama, Michelle and Raymond portray the ancient version of Endless Love, their romance is always a brief encounter with a lot of tears. Raymond said to the media: "Its just so heart-tormenting. I don't understand why I'm always the one being tormented?! But out of all the FaDans I have collaborated with, Michelle gives me the feeling that even if I haven't seen her in 10 years, we are still very familiar. We have so much chemistry in our crying scenes, there is no need to rehearse beforehand, we can just do it in one take. Her passion and perseverance for the drama, there is no doubt or surprise to me that she's the producer!"


It was rumored Raymond intends to retire from the industry in the coming year? He said: "For now, I will keep working hard on my career, but my schedule won't be as tight as before. You have to grasp life yourself, there must be a balance in life. My Mainland dramas in the coming year, TVB arranged those for me. (Concentrate more on love life?) Love is a part of life, if you can enjoy life, then you can be a better actor."

Series version "Flying Swords of Dragon Gate"; Michelle Ye plays a whole new Jin Xiangyu

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4th Nov 2013

Source: Sina Entertainment

Translated by: Michelle Ye's Realm

Sharing the same title as Tsui Hark’s movie, the series ‘Flying Swords of Dragon Gate’ is currently filming rapidly, a series version of the classic work. This time around, the Dragon Gate Inn’s innkeeper ‘Jin Xiangyu’ is played by Michelle Ye. Recently, media first exposed Michelle Ye’s image in the series, she is at times a tough warrior, at times a tender one, causing the audience to anticipate much of Michelle Ye’s version of Jin Xiangyu.


Michelle Ye loved reading Wuxia novels when she was young, from Gu Long to Jin Yong, she has read each and every one of their works, keeping the plots and characters deep in her heart. Her love for Wuxia works causes her to have much fate with female warriors (characters), especially after watching a series of Dragon Gate’s works, she is deeply mesmerized in the story. The coquettish innkeeper Jin Xiangyu especially drew Michelle’s attention. She recalled saying: “I felt that this woman is just too seductive and fascinating, her whole face tells a movie.” Coincidentally the producer of ‘Dragon Gate’ is Michelle Ye’s collaboration partner for years, and when he proposed her playing ‘Jin Xiangyu’, Michelle Ye accepted the role even before reading the script.


Michelle, a more comprehensive version of Jin Xiangyu


Maggie Cheung who plays Jin Xiangyu in the movie version of ‘New Dragon Gate’, a thoroughly coquettish innkeeper, her gazes exudes truly seductive aura, her every move is attention-grabbing, she has a signature phrase: “Those who dare not meet my eyes are not man.” In the movie ‘Dragon Gate’, Zhou Xun playes the innkeeper who lacks the seductiveness, and instead has the air of a witty warrior. Meanwhile in the series version of ‘Dragon Gate’, Michelle Ye plays the same female innkeeper Jin Xiangyu, a more comprehensive version, a passionate lover.


When revealing Michelle’s series photo, Jing Xiangyu was interchanging between a red and white costume, as well as at times in a black veiled hat. There are also times when she sits alone playing her flute with gazes filled with loneliness. She also has captivating scenes with Zhao Huaian played by Nie Yuan. In the series, vigilant Nie Yuan raised a blood-smeared sword at the throat of Michelle Ye, who showed no signs of intimidation, and even slightly smirks. The producer said, “Jin Xiangyu in this series is the combination of Maggie Cheung and Zhou Xun’s version, she is heroic, as well as lovingly passionate, this is a much more solid and comprehensive version, Jin Xiangyu also has a twisting love fate with Zhao Huaian, thus this character is more refreshing.”


Demonstrates a capable innkeeper in movie and in real life


In the movie she plays a capable innkeeper, in real life Michelle Ye is also a successful female entrepreneur. Since early 2011, Michelle Ye established her own working studio in Beijing, and is now chairman of Zhejiang Dongyang Bohai Entertainment Co. Ltd. As well as the sole female vice-president of Hengdian Movie Industry. Asked if her experiences as a boss in the real world helps her in the movie, Michelle Ye frankly responded, “An inn is similar to a small company, it also requires a systematic management.”



Sean Lau beats Michelle Ye black and blue

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**Please note Michelle is only mentioned in the bolded area**


Credits: http://hktopten.blogspot.com






Sean Lau Ching Wan, Huang Xiaoming, Alex Fong Chung Shun, Michelle Ye (Yip Shuen), Fiona Sit Hoi Kei, Nina Paw Hee Ching, Michelle Wai Si Nga, Bonnie Xian (Sin Sik Lai), Paulyn Sun Kai Kwan and others yesterday attended the Derek Yee Tung Sing and Law Chi Leung produced, Lee Kuan Yew directed film INSANITY (BO FUNG YU) wrap press conference. Ching Wan in the film played a schizophrenia patient who beat his on screen wife Yip Shuen to death and even tossed her out to the streets; Ching Wan was unwilling to even think about really hitting Yip Shuen during the shoot. Yip Shuen pulled up her right sleeve and bruises could still be seen clearly. Ching Wan pointed out that this time was the first time he hit a woman in his film career and it would be his last time. From now on he would not do it again. Ching Wan said, "I am very afraid of hitting people, especially women; I feel very uneasy inside. Not only in real life I have never hit a woman, I have never done it either on film. This scene took 4 days to shoot, every time I would ask Yip Shuen to use more padding because I couldn't hold back. Showing mercy would make the scene not realistic enough. After every shot I would feel where the pads were on his body, as I was very afraid of hurting her. Earlier she and I worked on another film and I kicked her."


"Mother in law" Paw Hee Ching slapped Ching Wan on her daughter's behalf. When asked if she was the "Bus 14 Hong Kong Mother", Sister Paw said, "No, but I didn't want a bad take. So I could just hit for real."


Huang Xiaoming said that during the shoot the enormous pressure made him ask why he was alive, why he worked hard and kept working hard. He was very stressed and once suspected that he was depressed. He called his manager to throw a tantrum and complain. He said, "No one pay any attention to me, I could say that I was very in character. Everyday I was crazy and mad like this. (Would you throw a tantrum with your girlfriend Angelababy Yaing Ying?) I swear that I wouldn't yell at or hit women in my life."


Paired with Xiaoming in the film, Fiona admitted, "Seeing Xiaoming is like looking into a mirror and seeing the horrifying look of when I had depression. I kept a diary, now looking back I thought I was very scary back then. (Did you loan it to Xiaoming to help him with the character?) It's very private, only those who have known me for more than 10 years could."

Paving her own future, has always been her strength

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Michelle Ye’s Honorable Return! Is it too much of exaggeration? The story is: She used 10 million RMB to invite Raymond Lam to film ‘Loved in the Purple’ series, and then sold the series to TVB where it was premiered on Jade HD channel, and later aired in Mainland, where it became a win-win situation for all. Debuting from TVB, and returning to the TV industry today, where her role has been promoted to a producer, she is now at level with her debut company.


Using ‘honorable return’ to describe Michelle Ye, isn’t too appropriate to begin with, as her own words goes: “I am actually from Mainland.” Michelle Ye described: “I learnt from a great teacher, and returned after a greater lesson, TVB is my mentor, most of my TV knowledge is from TVB, this collaboration is a form of my gratitude (to TVB).”


With her parents divorced at her tender age of 9 years, Michelle Ye lived on her on before the age of 16 in the States and earned her own living expenses. Paving her own future, has always been her strength.


Ambitious towards her career


Born in Hangzhou, and migrated to the States at the age of 10, and later winning the Miss Chinese International Pageant in 1999, Michelle Ye acted in several series, where she was one of the female in the previous ‘Triumph in the Skies II’ series which has just completed airing. In 2005, she moved into the movies industry and won the ‘Best Supporting Female’ award. We’ve often heard of Hong Kong actors who filmed in Hengdian, but she is in fact the Vice President of the Hengdian Filming Association, and also the Chairman of the Zhejiang Dongyang Bohai Entertainment Co, director of CHS Media, etc.

It seems, Michelle Ye is always a winner. “There was an opportunity coincidentally, and I took it, for example, changing from TVB to filming movies in Media Asia, I was invited by Wong Jing and Peter Lam, and was TVB’s management was very supportive, thus I went ahead; as for entering Mainland market, I am actually from Mainland, returning to Mainland is a convenient matter.” She denied being someone who planned her every step, but in her career progression, she is definitely ambitious enough to work towards perfection.


Michelle Ye honestly said, being an actress isn’t her final goal, “Since entering the industry, I never felt it was something too great being an actress, and we are constrained in our contribution towards the entire filming industry. The producers are those who are really motivational and influential in this industry. I wished to do something influencing others and impacting myself, at the very least, my audience muse be able to be slightly enlightened through our productions. Honestly, being an actress is enough to feed my family and I, you have only lived by going through the ups and downs in life. She no longer talks about acting skills, but about the responsibility of the society, and motivation and inspiration towards the industries’ progression.


High requirements towards herself



Michelle’s eyes sparkle as she speaks of her career. She explained that when she invested in her first series ‘The Ninth Widow’, she personally flew to Shanghai to meet up with famed author Yan Geling to discuss the script, and used more than two years to assemble her crew, from seeking her casts, directors and crews, up to meetings with government bodies, it is obvious she is enthralled in her work. “It is a competitive market in Mainland, only a third of the series filmed are aired, where our first series is aired by Zhejiang TV, this is quite an achievement, being among the top three channels in China.”


She said, she could only do so much back when she was just an actress. Being a producer, she first experienced, it seems there is so much fun in attire preparation, image modeling, script discussion and etc. “When I was still in school, my family always required me to come out first in every exam, this gradually made me to set high requirements for myself. Although it seems trivial then, it made me to strive towards perfection in everything I do, and it is how I arrived to where I am today. For example the great icons in the world never realized their greatness, they only strived their best in every matter they do which seemed too trivial to others.” With her parents divorced at her tender age of 9 years, Michelle Ye lived on her on before the age of 16 in the States and earned her own living expenses. Paving her own future, has always been her strength.


Michelle Ye Collaborates with Raymond Lam for an Expensive "Friendship Price"

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Source: Oriental Daily

Translated by: [email protected]http://asianuniverse.net





Raymond Lam and Michelle Ye collaborate once again after ten years in the new Mainland drama The Purple Hairpin. Yesterday Raymond and Michelle appeared at the TVB promotional event for the drama, which is scheduled to air on TVB Jade HD soon. On stage, it was seen Raymond and Michelle were still good buddies and chatted nonstop. Michelle expressed she personally made the call to Raymond inviting him to participate in this drama. She said: "Collaborating with him again is one of my hidden wishes for many years. We are partners with chemistry. (Friendship price?) Yes, our friendship is very valuable. We're good friends, but he was still very expensive."


Raymond now has a girlfriend Karena BB, asked about Michelle's love life? She said: "My BB? I'm not as lucky as him. (Current status?) He's so busy, but still has some time for dating. My status is that I am even busier, I don't even have that little time for dating. Nobody will like such a busy person like me. (No rush?) No rush. I'm happy to see Raymond doing so well. We grew up together. He had a smooth development over the years, he's personal and love life are very good, I feel peace and happiness for him. He invited me to watch his concert before, the dream he had 10 years ago finally came true. I'm happy for him." When speaking of their past rumors, Michelle said in a serious tone: "We did have a rumor, and still kept in touch while there were rumors, but we haven't seen each other in 10 years. We're still good partners with chemistry."


Raymond directly expressed he had not been in touch with Michelle for over 10 years since she left TVB, but greatly praised that she's a very successful business owner now. Raymond expressed he had already completed three dramas in Mainland and feels "relieved" coming back to HK. Asked if he's going to go on vacation with Karena BB? He said: "Normal lifestyle. (Any plans?) No, finish up the work I have now." Asked if he's bringing his girlfriend home on Mid-Autumn Festival? He said: "It's personal."


A reader disclosed to the media, that Raymond was spotted with a ring on his finger at the Miss Hong Kong 2013 final last night, it was said he's already married. Also, Raymond was a judge at the Miss HK final, some questioned on whether he was biased towards Miss HK winner Grace Chan and Second runner-up Sisley Choi because they physically resembled Karena BB. Raymond said: "The ring was sponsored by the company endorse for. It is just a normal accessory. Thank you all for the concern."


Michelle Ye guest stars in 'The Virtuous Queen of Han'; Gorgeous photos of series revealed

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The joint collaboration of Hua Ce Film and TV with HK Now TV, casting Wang Luodan, Raymond Lam, Niki Chow, Jeremy Jones Tsui, Shen Tai, Sally Chan, Grace Yu, etc, ‘The Virtuous Queen of Han’ is entering the last stage of filming. Michelle Ye guest stars in the series, playing a ‘catchy’ role demonstrating the


Michelle Ye guest stars to convey ‘Four Gifts’ ideology


‘The Virtuous Queen of Han’ is the first kind creation of Hua Ce Film and TV about “China Empress”, and also the first venture of HK Now TV into the series industry. The investment of the series exceeds a million, and is about Empress Wei Zifu (by Wang Luodan) who transforms from a songstress into a virtuous empress of times. With her virtuous personality and determination to have a peaceful ‘imperial harem’, she is able to be with Emperor Wu (by Raymond Lam) for a legendary 48 years, and is an immensely optimistic series of the palace life.


‘The Virtuous Queen of Han’ is directed by Hong Kong’s Lau Kaho, with Mui Siuceng as the producer. Mui’s television series have always been conveying positive motivation, thus ‘The Virtuous Queen of Han’ is no exception. In an interview with Mui, she revealed ‘Virtuous’ will be conveying elements such as ‘non-conflicting, non-boastful, non-revealing’, ‘wealth, poverty, sweetness, and bitterness with joy, togetherness, peacefulness, family unity and kindness determination’ as well as the ‘Four Gifts’ ideology.

Mui mentioned that she really likes Master Hsing Yun’s positive ideology, and incorporated much of them into her television series, such as the ‘three virtue’ element in ‘Beyond the Realm of Conscience’, being the ‘do good deeds, say good words, have good intentions’.

I also really like ‘Four Gifts’, ‘give confidence, give happiness, give hope, give convenience’, if everyone gives others ‘four gifts’, then it would be perfect. In this creation ‘Virtuous’, I thought of incorporating these elements, thus the character Siu Ngaan which is played by special guest Michelle Ye.


Miraculous fate on air leads to collaboration


Michelle Ye made acquaintances with Lau Kaho and Mui Siuceng since her TVB days, but felt sorry that they have never worked together in the years, “This is the first Mainland series of Brother Kaho and Sister Siuceng since joining NowTV, I am very happy with our collaboration this time.”


Michelle Ye is also the good friend of ‘Virtuous’ male lead, Raymond Lam, where both of them have already collaborated three times, “This time in ‘Virtuous’, Raymond and I do not have scenes together, but it’s considered our fourth collaboration.” On the other hand, Michelle Ye smiled saying she knows of Jeremy Tsui, with whom she has scenes with, where both of them nearly collaborated before, “We did not get to work together that time, I’m excited to have such exciting scenes with a handsome actor like him this time around…”


Mui expressed that she is very happy and grateful for Michelle Ye’s participation in the production. “I have long thought that Michelle Ye suits playing this ‘Siu Ngaan’ character, but as she is now a popular series and movie actress, as well as a producer, she is just too busy. Then, there was once when I was on the flight back to Hengdian from Hong Kong, and still wondering who should be playing this ‘Siu Ngaan’ role, she suddenly appeared before me. It seems that she got to know that we are on the same flight from my microblog and came over to greet me, and we started chatting.” Mui said, due to this miraculous fate on air, she finally made the move to invite Michelle to guest star, and Michelle accepted her invitation without any doubts. “She also insisted not wanting any payment for this work, and also allowed the male lead in her series, Zhang Tianqi to assist in guest star in another scene.”


Mui also revealed that, on the evening of the filming, Michelle Ye arrived an hour earlier, at 4pm, to the ‘Virtuous’ fiming set, allowing Mui to personally make up her image, and after more than three hours, Michelle had a quick dinner before rushing to the filming site. The filming continued till past 10pm before completion. “She was rushing back to her own series production for a meeting with the crew after the filming, I truly appreciate her efforts!” Mui was also very impressed by Michelle’s professional attitude and outstanding performance.


Michelle Ye expressed, “Sometimes when we do something, it is purely for friendship and not really for money or anything else. I guess this is part of ‘Four Gifts’, haha! Furthermore, such collaboration allowed me to meetup with my friends, as usually we are just too busy.” Michelle is also very happy to participate after reading the script and seeing Siu Ngaan’s image, because it is through this refreshing character that she experiences the ‘Four Gifts’ ideology, which she felt was thoroughly worthy.


"Widow" airing in Zhejiang; Michelle Ye: I'm deeply in love with Li Dong Xue

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Source: Teng Xun TV Entertainment News


‘The 9th Widow’ will be airing in Zhe Jiang TV on 24th June.  Producer Ren Quan, and lead casts Michelle Ye, Liu Peiqi etc were present at the launching press conference.  Under the bombards of questions from reporters, Michelle Ye “professed her love remotely” to Li Dong Xue who was absent at the event.


Liu Peiqi

Ren Quan


Michelle Ye


Group photo of crew and cast


‘The 9th Widow’ will be airing on Zhe Jiang TV.  On 7th, producer, Ren Quan as well as lead casts, Michelle Ye, Liu Peiqi, etc were present at a launching press conference.  In the series. Michelle Ye had a love relationship with Li Dong Xue which faced much obstacles, and the duo had much rumors outside the series too.  Under the bombarding of questions that day, Michelle Ye ‘remotely professed her love’ towards Li Dong Xue: “I was once deeply in love with Li Dong Xue, I still love him now, are you satisfied with this answer?”


Editing Yan Geling’s work: Adding elements for the youngsters


During the conference, Liu Peiqi announced,  “This is a series of revolution, which is edited from Yan Geling’s work, a conventional awareness towards revolution, and we are the first of the firsts.”  ‘The 9th Widow’ is a tale about how Wang Putao faces the chaos of wartime, natural disaster, with much determination and wisdom, a feminine legendary of the wartime era.


Michelle Ye plays Wang Putao, whose relationship is full of challenges.  She is not able to be with her first love, while her husband is murdered on the night of her wedding.  She also is heartbroken when her much respected father-in-law is shot to ‘death’ as a betrayer.  Michelle revealed: “Although it is about the relationship of a father-in-law and his son’s wife, there is not the slightest negative affair involved.”

The series also incorporated elements that the youngsters preferred: “For example brighter and more colorful scenes, a sweet love relationship which becomes saddening, those were added for more appeal.”  Michelle Ye expressed: “Although the story is based on the timeline where we are fighting the Japanese invasion, the costumes, make up and artistic elements were handled by a crew who were recognized by the Golden Horse Awards.  We were able to film a heroic and appealing film based on such a conventional storyline.


Michelle Ye who transformed from an actress towards becoming a producer, smiled saying she is already on track: “I still have much more dreams as a producer, there is still much to work for.”  She also said, it is still more profitable for her to be an actress, as her route as a producer is still in the very elementary stage, and is merely for her educational purposes.


Love Confession: Deeply in love with Li Dong Xue


Li Dong Xue who was the cast of ‘Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan’, plays a saddening yet beautiful lover couple with Michelle Ye, where both were in love yet unable to be together, torturing both Wang Putao and Sun Shaoyong.  There were rumors earlier on that both were so absorbed in the characters and were even photographed to be holding hands intimately.  During the press conference, under the bombards of questions from the reporters, Michelle Ye could not help smiling: “I really do like Li Dong Xue, really, really like, personally we are very good friends.  I definitely… was deeply in love with him.  Are you satisfied with this answer?”


However, Michelle Ye’s attitude which was too open led to more doubts instead.  Is this a dialogue from the series or a sincere confession?  To this, Michelle said again: “I have sincerely answered once, I definitely was deeply in love with him before.  I still do love him now, in all aspects; Him, I don’t know, he knows I like him, I think he likes me too, love in all aspects too!”  Michelle Ye who is 33 this year does sound being in sweet love.  When asked which aspect of Li Dong Xue she loves most, Michelle smiled: “Handsome!”




OVERHEARD 3 Promises to Be Biggest of Series

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James [email protected]




At a press conference in Hong Kong yesterday, Bona Film Group officially unveiled Overheard 3 - or Overh3ard - the latest installment in its successful series of thrillers, which have to-date blended elements of audio surveillance with the financial world. But while all the major players are set to return, some elements of the franchise are going to change.


Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo and Daniel Wu all return for the third film - again playing different characters than in previous outings - but the action will move away from its earlier focus on the stock market. Koo suggested that his character will have some kind of physical disability, while Daniel Wu, on the same day that he announced the birth of his daughter, Raven, joked that he hoped he might now be allowed to survive to the end of the film.


Also returning are co-stars Alex Fong, Michelle Ye and Huang Yi, as well as writer-directors Felix Chong and Alan Mak. Producer Derek Yee remains as godfather of the project, which will have a budget larger than that of Overheard and Overheard 2 combined. It was also suggested that if audiences respond well to Overheard, Mak and Chong could be tempted to keep the franchise running long into the future.



Michelle Ye Might Make a TVB Comeback

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Credits: http://asianuniverse.net/forums

Today, Michelle Ye appeared in Central for the press conference of a new stage play 如此長江 that she's participating in. She expressed this time, she was persuaded by her respected mentor Poon Ka Tak. She said: "I'm really trying something new this time, after all I didn't start out from the performing arts school, so I don't really have much experience in this area. However, they had confidence in me, so I decided to push my worries onto them." Michelle is going to stop working and concentrate entirely on rehearsal. Of course, this also means she'll suffer losses in her income. Asked when she'll come back to shoot a TVB series? She said: "They have approached me before, after all TVB and Poon Ka Tak are my respected mentors, so if needed, I will definitely do it. I believe they won't cause harm to me."


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