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'Muse Dress' (Nv Shen De Xin Yi)': My feelings withdrawing from the contest

Posted by MYR on July 24, 2015 at 5:35 AM Comments comments (16259)

Translated by Rain @ michelle-ye.com


5th july 2015


Source: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_5053f8510102vucl.html


Recently, I came back to DongFang TV, and many stirred up the incident where I withdrew from the 'Muse Dress' reality show, probing me the reasons behind my withdrawal. I have never publicly addressed this matter, even when my best friend Monica Mok joined the program and faced similar conditions and was hurt, still, I kept my mum. I always felt nobody will be bothered much, therefore there was no such need to clarify. However, Mr. Mo told me, there will be people who care, and he doesn't wish that I am attacked or hurt in any way, there are fans who care, as well as thoughtful people who are concerned, because the truth should not be hidden, and positive learning experiences should be shared. He encouraged me to write this piece, therefore I penned this down.


It was summer last year when the production crew of 'Muse Dress' reality show contacted my manager to invite me to participate in the show; they introduced the show as one where female celebrity will be partnered with a fashion designer, and come out with a design, tailor the product, and are judged by professional judges before they are loaded onto Taobao online for sales. The show will be aired on Hunan TV.


When shooting the first part of the show, I was really anxious, because I am an actress who knows nothing about fashion design, thus I was prepared to be learn humbly with my designer partner, and was full of praises for the youngster who is talented in fashion design. He demonstrated much persistence and perseverance, winning my admiration and recognition. Especially when he went on stage to say that he is here to contribute towards peers with depression like himself; that he was here for the sake of art, not just a show, I couldn't help silently cheering for him from my heart, and was even touched to tears.

I also faced with much challenges during the shooting. From the first episode of shooting, the five of us female celebrities were trapped within the filming studio for a long time, because the sixth participant have yet appeared. There was no air ventilation in the studio, and we were sweating in the summer heat. Although there were disappointments in such basic mistake of the production crew, wasting much precious time and energy of ours, these did not reduce my excitement in looking forward to design my very own first dress.


Finally, the production crew informed us as the sixth participant was not properly engaged, we needn't wait further, and let the designing start! I was thinking, we will probably now start drawing our design, such excitement! At this point of time, my partnered designer took out a few pre-sketched design drawing, and wanted me to cut the paper design accordingly, thus I happily accepted the assigned task. Once this was completed, it was time to select our fabric materials, and I was wondering what materials I should be selecting from the store. Just as I was turning around to make my way towards the store, the designer's assistance told me in a hushed tone that she has already selected the materials and pooled them in a corner, so that I can save some time searching high and low, and go directly for the materials. Confused, I gradually came to agree that my taste of material selection will not be as good as that expertise of the industry, so that was it. After I have 'selected' the materials and began cutting a few pieces, the designer slowly took out a dress that has been completed prior and told me I just had to iron it out. He told me that due to time constraint, it was impossible to finish designing a dress in the time limits, and thus he rushed to complete the design few nights ago, making me feel really guilty and feeling much pity towards him. I felt that he worked very hard for this. Thus, that was how the dress, which was in fact without any of my contributions and ideas, was 'completed' before the camera with my partnered designer.


At this point of time, the production crew arranged for a few experts to come over and comment on our designs, they made a few comments for the amendments. Based on my years of wearing dresses, I tend to agree with the teachers' comments, and thought we should really make the amendments. However the designer was adamant that his design was perfect and just right for me, and did not wish to make any amendments. Then again, I thought, okay, maybe I am not professional enough, I should just listen to him.


After shooting such few similar episodes with such similar 'designing process', where the dress was without any of my design and participation, and they were all made prior to the show, I gradually came to a realization that this reality show is really just a 'show', there was no need to be 'real', as long as audience are interested. It came to a day, when a cameraman requested us to shoot the process of us drawing our design, my partner took out a blank paper, and was planning to trace it from the completed drawing, that was when my heart skipped a beat, I was thinking, does this mean he doesn't really know how to draw the design? At that point of time, there were too many audience, and I recollected from my realization, and chose to help him overcome it, quietly saying: You can't trace, this is HD shooting, it will be very obvious that you are only tracing, if you are unable to draw it, it is better we don't film this part, but we cannot be filmed tracing from another drawing.


The designer is in fact a very obedient looking youngster, coming from a fine family. His mother sent him to France to learn design at a tender age, and his participation in this contest comes with a huge group of assistants and promotion team, he was well assisted throughout the process, and has quite a style. The PR officer was a lively youngster as well. There was once when I was in the dress which was entirely without my design ideas, and I honestly thought was not too good looking, and feeling a little nervous, the PR officer quietly told me: "Don't worry, we have communicated with the judging panels, you will surely win tonight!"


My heart skipped another beat, wondering again, really? His tone didn’t seem encouraging, but in fact convincing me that his PR skills were excellent. No doubt, I won that night. There was neither honor nor happiness in my win that night, only embarrassment and guilt. Maybe it was my taste which was below par, as the dress which I thought was not good looking, indeed, won first place, maybe I felt awkward winning such an undeserving honor. Maybe when Monica cried saying it was too unfair when she was eliminated at the very first episode, she was actually right.


At that point of time, there was a TV series crew who were going to start shooting soon, they urged me to enter their crew to begin shooting soonest several times. Although I never had any contractual agreement with 'Muse Dress' to finish filming within certain episodes, I still felt the responsibility to finish filming the season, because we should always finish what we have started. And thus, I still insisted to continue shooting 'Muse Dress'.


When I was in my lows, and continued the shooting of my pretense to design dresses every day, the final blow came. My assistant came informing me that the designer's PR officer slipped an information to her behind the stage, the truth: All the attires, from the design stage to the sewing, were all done by others, none of it was done by the designer himself, only the finished products were brought to the show, and that the judges were all communicated with beforehand!


So does this mean my suspicions have been proven right? That he didn't know how to draw and only could resort to tracing? And that he couldn't make any amendments to the design because he didn't know how to? And that this dress that I simply didn't think attractive at all was sold for a cut throat price of 2,000,000 yuan? That in fact everything is a fake? The show was for charity, not for a reality show? I am an actress, I can act well, I am able to convince the audience that this story is real, but I simply can't twist a fake to become real, because my participation this time is in a reality show, not acting.


A reality show should be about spreading the beauty of the actual truth to audience, but in this shooting process, everything was just too fake for me, and thus I began having the idea of withdrawing from the program. A senior from my Wellesley College was holding a higher management position in DongFang TV, and we were quite close. There was once she came to watch my shooting and commented that the show and the attires were not attractive at all. I helplessly told her the fact behind scenes; she quickly supported my idea of withdrawing from the show and not to waste more time and energy.


Out of my respect towards the unrelavant programs and channels, as well as towards the production crew and the kindness of my designer partner, I have never expressed any comment towards this incident. I simply smiled when many also said that after my withdrawal, they edited the show allowing my first position to become 'first' from the back. After all, everything is just a made up story, it doesn't matter which role I played. But what is most important is that, in a reality show which should in fact be showing the truth, I am unable to accept any fakeness and am unable to act it out!


Lastly, I thank all friends and fans who believe and support me through the times. In future, I will surely share more positive energy for everyone!


'Immediately the World' - Zhang Liyu pursues Michelle Ye fervently

Posted by MYR on July 15, 2015 at 5:45 AM Comments comments (737)

Source: http://ent.people.com.cn/n/2015/0715/c233225-27310054.html

Translated by Rain @ michelle-ye.com

15 Jul 2015


A collaboration of Hope Century Motion Pictures and Zhejiang Dongyang Xinmei Entertainment, directed by renowned director Gao Xixi and casting Zhang Luyi, Peter Ho, Michelle Ye, Tao Xinran etc, 'Immediately the World' (Ma Shang Tian Xia) is a production to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory against fascism. The series is currently airing on DongFang TV and YunNan TV. It is entering the peak plots, where 'father-son' roles played by Zhang Luyi and Peter Ho will soon discover their identity, a touching scene bound to win the tears of audience.

Zhang Luyi, Michelle Ye plays war-time couple

Zhang Luyi and Michelle Ye plays Chen Qiushi and Yuen Chunmei respectively, the duo's war-time couple is out to win audiences' tears. An army official when facing commissioner Yuen, he will become another person, their love is deeply passionate. When Yuen Chunmei was injured, and told Chen Qiushi to abandon her, Chen shouted, "How can I abandon you?! What have I left if I abandoned you?" A touching scene of a war-time couple. There are feedbacks from audience, "If this war-time couple does not end up together, I will lose faith in love forever!"

Tao Xinran, Peter Ho - silent admiration causes heartbreaks

Peter Ho plays Chen Sanchuan who kills countless enemies at war, and is no doubt a hero. However when met with girls, he quickly dissolves to be a mimosa. It was love at first sight when he met with Tao Xinran's Liang Chuyun, and is always protecting her in order to win her heart. Sadly, Liang Chuyun has no such feelings for the poor fellow, and instead fell for his father Chen Qiushi! This torturous silent admiration will surely bring heartbreaks to audiences as well as tears! Even when Chen Sanchuan tried his best to win her heart, he is in vain to with the love of Liang Chuyun, up till the last moment of her life. This love was revealed by Tao Xinran herself, "I really wanted Liang Chuyun to accept Chen Sanchuan, because I believe that choice would lead her to happiness." Unfortunately, fate has its twisted ways, Sanchuan is still in vain to the end.

DongFang TV and YunNan TV will be airing 'Immediately the World' daily at 7:30pm!


Michelle Ye admits to freezing eggs 3 years ago, and did it twice as a guarantee

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Source: http://ent.qq.com/a/20150711/001791.htm

Translated by Rain @ michelle-ye.com

Watch video here: http://www.michelle-ye.com/apps/videos/videos/view/18849651-michelle-ye-shopping-with-boyfriend

11th Jul 2015


Military drama adapted from popular novel 'Ma Shang Tian Xia' is currently aired on DongFang TV. Yesterday, female lead Michelle Ye accepted reporter's interview. When asked about if there will be good news soon, Michelle Ye who claimed to be a 'tough lass' shyly replied, "I am not living together with my boyfriend, I will let you all know if I do have any good news."


It is not hard to tell that 'Immediately the World' (Ma Shang Tian Xia) is a war-theme series filled with 'male hormones'. It conveniently misleads audience that actresses are merely the supporting roles in terms of emotional scenes. Michelle Ye however proved these assumptions wrong, as aside her relationship plots in the series with Zhang Luyi, she also wore army costume to be in the frontlines. This allowed her much satisfaction, "It is really satisfying to be able to play such a heroic role!"


Ever since her debut, Michelle's roles are more dominantly 'manly', when she was handpicked this time around by the director to play this military role, she confessed that she is indeed a 'tough lass' in real life. "I am very similar to the role in the film, Yuen Chunmei, a very bold girl, if I was born in the war time era, I would most likely be in the frontlines."


Besides the war theme aspect, the highly challenging series also leaves a deep impression for her, "There was a scene where I am standing onstage to defend for Peter Ho, the dialog was 9 pages long, it was quite tiring." She revealed that it was summer during the filming and their winter padded costume cause her to be down with heat stroke, but because of her outstanding performance, it touched the director to tears at the scene. Reminiscing this, Michelle Ye humbly said, "Peter Ho was kneeling before me thanking me as his life savior, maybe it was the scene itself that is touching."


Ever since the exposure of her relationship with Mr. Xiao Mo, Michelle Ye can't help slipping her lovey dovey expressions, winning envies from all her friends. The two who are deeply in love are not spared the cheers of people around them to get married. When asked of this yesterday, she sweetly replied, "Let nature's takes it course; I will be more focused in life this year, this is all fated to be." As for the freezing eggs topic which is heatedly debated online recently, Michelle Ye admitted honestly to have had the procedure done three years ago, "Women can now be free of pressure and conventional binds, to enjoy life and work, I feel this is a good approach."


Actress Michelle Ye embarassed at restaurant: 'Can you afford to eat here?'

Posted by MYR on June 21, 2015 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (816)


Monday, 22 June 2015 11:09

Source: malaysia-chronicle.com index.php option=com_k2 view=item&id=537432:actress-michelle-ye-embarrassed-at-restaurant-can-you-afford-to-eat-here?&Itemid=4#axzz3g3uXuAdZ

Hong Kong actress Michelle Ye and a group of friends were left red-faced outside a high-end restaurant in Shanghai, after a staff member questioned if the group could afford the 600-yuan (S$129) minimum spend per person to dine there.


Michelle took to Weibo to complain about the poor service she experienced while dining at up-market European restaurant M on the Bund in the Chinese city.


She wrote in a post on June 13: "The service at M on the Bund is really bad.


"They didn't allow us to go in to have drinks at 9pm, and basically said very rudely: 'If you go in now, you have to order a main course that costs at least 600 yuan, can you afford it?'


Ye also uploaded a selfie with her friend, actress Monica Mok in the post, and jokingly added: "Monica, is it because you were dressed like a beggar today?"


In an official statement released by the restaurant on June 16, it said it was "mortified" by the staff's comment, and said the person involved has been "severely reprimanded".


"We are extremely sorry for any misunderstanding on the evening Ye Xuan (Yip Suen) was in the restaurant - we want to be clear that our policy is that everyone is welcome to our restaurant and there is no minimum spend; however, from 6-10pm the restaurant is reserved for diners.


"Michelle Garnaut, the owner of M on the Bund is extremely embarrassed at the situation and will be writing personally to Ye Xuan (Yip Suen) to apologize and to invite her and her friends back to the restaurant as our guests."


Ms Garnaut also reached out in a separate post on Weibo to invite Michelle and her friends back to the restaurant as her guests, stressing that everyone is welcome to dine at M on the Bund with no minimum spend required.


Michelle was in the city to attend a Huayi Brothers and Elle China event on June 14, reported Jaynestars.


At the event, Michelle was interviewed on the red carpet by entertainment news site On.CC about the incident.


She told On.CC: "The staff could have told us nicely."


"Instead, the person questioned if we would be able to afford the minimum 600 yuan per person - maybe because there were about 10 of us."


"It was very embarrassing. So we left."


"I have been to the restaurant a few years ago and it left a good impression, I didn't think it would turn out like this."


When asked if she would blacklist the restaurant, she said: "Most likely, I don't understand how the quality of service could be so bad."


So far, Michelle has yet to respond to the apology and offer of reparation by M on the Bund. - http://www.soshiok.com/


Full article: http://malaysia-chronicle.com/index.php option=com_k2&view=item&id=537432:actress-michelle-ye-embarrassed-at-restaurant-can-you-afford-to-eat-here?&Itemid=4#ixzz3g3y1Ug7I

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Michelle Ye rumored to be in a relationship

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Source: https://sg.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/michelle-ye-rumoured-relationship-042400063.html


By Heidi Hsia | – Fri, Jun 19, 2015 12:24 PM SGT


19 Jun - Rumors are rife that actress-producer Michelle Ye is currently in a relationship.


According to Apple Daily News, while the media has been focusing on Michelle's criticism about the bad service of Shanghai's luxurious restaurant, M on the Bund, it was revealed that the actress had also been on a date the same night with a mystery man, who resembles Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse.


The two of them were spotted holding hands while enjoying the scenery at The Bund - the waterfront area in central Shanghai, and even locking lips out on the street.


The mystery man, known to her friends as Mr. Xiao Mo, was revealed to have always interacted with the actress on Weibo, and often appears in her pictures posted online.


He was once mistaken as Michelle's good friend Monica Mok's boyfriend, though the latter was quick to deny it.


The man himself, whose Weibo handle goes by the name evan1105, has also posted a photo of them together online, and wrote a message, saying, "I want to thank God for letting me meet this wonderful woman in my life."


"I want to thank everyone's support for Michelle. I will do my best to treasure her," he added.


Michelle has yet to respond to the reports at the time of writing.


(Photo source: hk.apple.nextmedia.com)

Michelle Ye is in a relationship! Manager responds: Wishes her to find her happiness soonest

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Source: http://cn.on.cc/hk/bkn/cnt/entertainment/20150618/bkn-20150618210044378-0618_00862_001_cn.html

Translated by Rain @ michelle-ye.com

18th June 2015

 Watch Video here: https://youtu.be/mR2-elcrzBQ



Female celebrity Michelle Ye is exposed today to be in a relationship with renowned Mainland stylist, Mr. Xiao Mo, they were caught kissing passionately in Shanghai, thus exposing the 'Mo-Xuan love'!


Michelle's manager text reply to media expressed, "Michelle Ye has long entered the age of relationship and marriage, it is not abnormal for her to be in a relationship, my relationship with her is officially business, I do not interfere with her personal life. Since she is in a relationship, then it is a beautiful thing in life, hope everyone will be happy for her."


She also laughingly advised Michelle Ye to settle down soonest, "It seems that the Aquarius woman's love is hot and cold along time, causing the other party anxiety, I feel that she is quite similar, thus I hope that she does not torture the other party and pray that she finds her happiness soon!"


It is revealed that Michelle Ye and Mr. Xiao Mo has been in a relationship for two months, and the duo has been flying frequently to and fro Shanghai and Thailand. Recently, a video of the two lovebirds' sweet vacation video in Thailand is widely spread online, they are seen lovingly with each other all the time.


Restaurateur apologizes to Michelle Ye

Posted by MYR on June 16, 2015 at 11:20 PM Comments comments (33)

Source : https://sg.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/restaurateur-apologises-michelle-ye-031800242.html


By Heidi Hsia | Wed, Jun 17, 2015 11:18 AM SGT



17 Jun - The owner of a luxury restaurant in Shanghai has released an apology letter to actress-producer Michelle Ye after a bad service, Taiwan's On CC reported.


Previously, the actress wrote a post online, saying that she had experienced bad service while dining at Shanghai's M on the Bund with good friend, actress Monica Mok.


Michelle stated, "After finishing our dinner, they didn't allow us to walk in for drinks at 9pm."


The actress added that a service staff told them that they have to pay RMB 600 (approx. USD 97) or more worth of main dishes if they want to go in and even asked, "Are you able to afford that?"

Michelle Garnaut, the owner of M on the Bund, had later apologised to the two stars, saying that she was mortified after finding out about the situation.


In the letter, it was also assured that the staff involved was heavily reprimanded and stressed that everybody is welcomed to dine at M on the Bund regardless of their status and wealth.

Garnaut also invited the actress and her friends for dinner at the restaurant as her guests to show her sincere apology.

Michelle Ye - Should have been a scientist

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Source: http://ent.ce.cn/news/201505/22/t20150522_5438129.shtml

Translated by Rain @ michelle-ye.com

22 May 2015


Her academic brilliance is such that she becomes a pride in any industry she ventures into. She may undoubtedly be the most educated and highest IQ woman in the entertainment industry, also as beautiful.


You may have seen more than enough of her romantic tales, but the moving story behind this rare youthful gem deserves much more curiosity.


Beauty and brains, it is adequate to label Michelle Ye so. Even before our interview session, I was shocked learning her impressive education history, from the top junior student in Hangzhou, to her senior high award of 'Nobel Junior', ISEF's Global Youth Science Botany champion, the valedictorian of New York city upon her high school graduation, and with her straight As results, she was accepted into several top league colleges. She finally chose the Wellesley College, one of the Seven Sisters with full scholarship. This college produced renowned icons such as Song Meiling, Bingxin, Hilary Clinton, etc. Considering her father's advice, she took 'Political Science', for her future in politics and law. It is quite a mystery how this beauty did it!


Growing up, her first teacher is her best start. Since young, she is under the strict demands of her mentor, it was quite tiring. In her junior days, her teacher not only demanded her to be first in all subjects, she will also arrange some 'extra homework' for her. She recalls going through newspapers late past midnight, still, she chose to obey, and still vividly remembers how this teacher visited her in one of the coldest nights in winter. Gradually, it nurtured her exceptional learning habit, "She also nurtured my courage and sincere spirit." These proved more and more precious in her life later on.


Majoring in biology and chemistry in her senior high, she participated in her tutor's research in 'Correlations of electromagnetic fields and plants', and won the first place in the prestigious ISEF Global Youth Science and Botany contest. This was then nominated as the 'Nobel Junior' award among the high school, where 80% of the judges are comprised of Nobel award winners. When on her flight towards the competition venue, only did she realize that her teacher did not bring her poster, she thus assumed it a vacation, and unbeknownst to her she still won the first place.


A female scientist queried her doubts when Michelle was presenting her topic, commenting that this theory has long ago failed to be established. Young Michelle then replied, "Hundreds years ago, top scientist also said that the world is square." She was actually dozing off when she won the award, and only jumped to her reflexes when the spotlight came to her. The female judge later told her why she won first place, because they were looking for future candidates in winning Nobel awards, with potential spirit of Nobel awards.


Michelle Ye concluded herself as an imaginative person, striving for greater mentality. She does not study hard, but she pays focused attention in class, and does her homework seriously, the remaining time is for her fun. She also participates in some cooking competition and emerged champion too. Others' dishes were very sophisticated, but hers was creative, where she used two eggs and decorated them into two rabbits, winning first visual impression, and it was as delicious as it looks as well.


Of course, there are issues as well. For example, such extravagant knowledge and emotional intelligence of hers in this entertainment circle surely faces with some challenges? She said, "Surely there are, but you have to have faith that the majority of people are inclined towards positivity, and knowledge is power, it will bring positive influence."


When asked what her beauty recipe is, surely she has some scientific approach; the answer in fact couldn't be simpler. "A healthy diet, adequate rest and reading." She has the routine like the army, waking up at 6 daily, and sleeping at 11 sharp at night, she does not go to night clubs, and does not do any plastic surgery, besides having a good beauty base, it only requires a healthy lifestyle later on, your mentality and spirit are connected, keep them young. "Reading is actually the secret recipe too, because it allows you to learn more about the world, and you will realize that it is a truly enriching world, and this will somehow affect your looks."


Benevolent Michelle Ye donated $100,000 to special school in Tibet

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May 20, 2015

A few days ago, artiste Michelle Ye (葉璇) donated $100,000 (RMB) to special school in Tibet. In order to express their gratitude, the school arranged their special local dance to welcome Michelle and tour her around in the school. She also had discussions with teachers and students, and told them they could approach her should if any problems encountered. This shows Michelle indeed had a benevolent heart.

Source: ON.CC (HK)

Translated by:

tvfan @

Asian E-News Portal



Star Michelle Ye joins Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business charity event; 330k Yuan donation to Hubei Central Elementary School

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Source: http://nd.fjsen.com/2015-04/20/content_15971387_3.htm

Translated by Rain @ michelle-ye.com

19th Apr 2015



More than 30 members from the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business visited a rural school, Hubei Central Elementary School at Ningde to donate 150k worth of daily necessities and stationary, as well as financial donation amounted to 300k Yuan, as a motivation for the students towards the road of success, allowing the rural and less fortunate children to feel the society's warmth of love. Famous star Michelle Ye was also present as a member of the Graduate School, demonstrating love through these aids.


As the school is in the rural of mountainous area, the transportation is inconvenient, and most are from poor families, youths mostly leave the place for work, leaving behind mostly children. The school is lagging in teaching infrastructures, requiring upgrades.


"The books in the library are mostly bought more than a decade ago, and are unable to accommodate the reading requirements of students today, the hostel, canteen and classroom buildings are dilapidated, more than thirty students are crammed within a small canteen, while teachers' hostel are made from classrooms segregated by plywoods, and most windows are damaged, the leaking roof is also a major problem, the entire building also has no washroom, affecting the normal routine of classes." The principal of the school also elaborated, "The donation from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business has come at the right time, the financial aid has solved much of our problem."


The students sang a song "Appreciation from the heart" in the field to end the day with much gratitude to their group of visitors.


Modern Lady: Michelle Ye - The other form of freedom

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Source: http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MjM5MDc5NTA2Mw==&mid=205461933&idx=1&sn=c3adf741577c996e00851f13e0fc1dec#rd

Translated by Rain @ michelle-ye.com

07 Apr 2015


Michelle Ye Xuan has yet experienced highly challenging times throughout all these years, from an actress who went on to be a host and then producer, all situations seems to be in her favor all the way. She conveniently walks through every role she ventures into at ease, at her comfort and pace.


The tremendous workload and hectic schedule isn't at all a burden to her; in fact that, to this amazing lady, is another form of freedom.


"I'm just too exhausted!"


With her latest movie hitting the screens soon, Michelle Ye is in fact tired to the core. "The situation today is a challenge to my limits." She smiled lightly, and seemed to be a little preoccupied.


At the start of the interview, she was sipping a glass of warm water, "It doesn't matter how tired I am, I don't take coffee, I don't smoke or drink either. I do not want anything unhealthy to provoke my well-being." She is one who takes extra measures in assurance of health.


She knows how to take care of herself well. "I live independently in the States since the age of 13 years old, thus I am highly independent, even before I entered the industry, I have learnt how to take care of myself." She stretched a little, diligently overcoming her exhaustion.


Filming is very tough; she has not taken proper sleep for a very long period of time. However, when discussed about her new series, she quickly refreshed and became excited.


"'Sou Suo Lian' is in fact the best script I have ever received since entering the industry. It is very factual, and reflects accurately the war events. In this war, my female role is especially critical, such role is rarely created, it is a rare golden opportunity, and thus I'd like to share it with everyone."


It was actually a script to be rejected. "After 'Immediately the World', I told all in my company that I will stop filming for the year after this, it was by chance that 'Sou Suo Lian' came by, and I just couldn't help to accept it." She smilingly revealed with earnest.


Known as the 'tough lass', she went all in when came in face with such an outstanding script. "At temperature below zero degrees, (I) was wearing just a dress and stoking, lying around at the war grounds, can you imagine how it felt like?" She wrapped her arms around herself, and shuddered a little.


Wisdom and Rationality are also sensual


The work that really enchants Michelle Ye, is not being an actress, but as a producer. "I wanted to be a producer since my first day in the industry, I don't aim to just be an actress although I really liked it as well, but (an actor) is unable to wholly present a whole production. If you want to have a good production, you have to be the investor as well the producer."


The pressure of becoming a producer is far more than expectations, "After the issue has passed, you will realize, it is but a small matter, at least that is how I handle matters."


She knows her ambitions well, and works towards it with her exceptional determination. "I once encountered a challenge no one else could imagine, for example when a film is rejected by the review board, and that it was bound for total lost, yet when everyone has given up, I went on with determination and made the rightful amendments, when it was finally aired successfully, everyone in the industry said that it was quite a miracle."


Maybe others might say that it was just a lucky moment, or maybe God takes care of his beautiful lady, but in fact, behind all the brilliant success, is Michelle's true commitment towards her career.


"I know some people will say that I am very capable, but I actually never really planned how my route should be like, I only have one dream, which is to produce good films." Even if initially it was all for the fun of it.


In Hong Kong, once you are a beauty pageant winner, you will immediately be a female lead. Michelle Ye is not satisfied as she wants more challenges. "It was just for fun initially, and later on it became real enjoyable, and that's how I came to where I am today. Actually the route is similar for all professions; there will be challenges and success, with determination you will reap worthy results."


When filming 'Athena', she often works 24 hours straight, and for months, she has no proper time for sleep and meals, "It was a test towards the physical limits, and your spirit's limits."


"It was quite mad, but when I reminisced it, that tough ordeal allowed me to be greater today, there is nothing that I cannot overcome." She said in the confidence of a superwoman, "But overall, I think I am a rational and logical person."


"Maybe some people will think I am not sexy, but sexiness is not in how much clothes you put on, or how much make up you have, sensuality is an appeal towards the opposite gender. I feel that wisdom and rationality can be as stimulating." She laughs heartily.


Besides filming, she also takes time to read. "I recently just finished the book 'Zui Hou De Gui Zhu' (literally: the last aristocrats), it is about a group of aristocrats from the Qing dynasties, who are living in the modern China world, the book is quite expressive."



Q: Do you have male character? Heard of that before.

A: Yes, friends all said that I am a man and woman in one, when I am a woman, I am very feminine, and gentle to the core. When I am tough, I become very strong, friends who are with me feels that I am two persons.



Q: Are you someone with a strong mentality?

A: I think I am, among my peers, I am one with the strongest mentality.


Q: Have you encountered an all-low time in career? How did you overcome it?

A: I have never encountered a low time in career before, maybe because I don't prioritize it too much, thus I don't feel the high and low of it. I don't think I have ever encountered too much challenges, be it in life or in career.


Q: Are you affected by the comments of others?

A: Never affected, since my first day in the industry, and in the years that has past, I am never affected, I never felt that my life is connected to what others words are.



Q: Any movie to recommend?

A: I just watched 'Enemy at the Gates', this is a very classic war movie, it is about the Russia's Stalingrad battle, and it is very astounding. Because I am acting in 'Sou Suo Lian', I can truly feel such a grand production war movie, the explosions and fighting, and the love between life and death, it is really impressive, and I feel very lucky, how many woman can experience such love? My bones are filled with romantic genes, a heroic romance, not just a man-woman love, but a greater love towards all.



Q: Do you have any other plans for future?

A: To produce greater films, more production and investment, acting is also part of it, acting is also part of creativity, producing greater films from all directions, this is my plan.



I really like challenging myself


Q: What are your new works to share with everyone this year?

A: I am filming 'Sou Suo Lian', it accurately illustrates the Defense of Hengyang battle. Defense of Hengyang is historically the most tragic war against Japanese where the outnumbered defeated their large enemy troops, it is not only well-known in the anti-Japanese war, but also in the world history of war.


Q: You have many roles in this film, can you share about them?

A: I am a major in Kuomintang, but initially I was the head of Green Gang, and also seemed like a Japanese special agent, after investigation, I am actually a major of Kuomintang. The Defense of Hengyang war is fought by Kuomintang, I also became a nurse in the war times, because all men went to the front lines, thus women became the nurse in the hospital, then when the men were finished, even the women had to go to front lines.


Q: Any big challenges in your roles?

A: In this film, I am a sniper in the war, I am always in the front lines as well, this sniper role is quite challenging, it all depends on your eyes, snipers always get close up shots, for example in 'Enemy of the Gates', 'Sniper', mostly (snipers) will get a lot of close up shots, mainly focused at the eyes, no other positions, and thus you are acting with your eyes, there is no other expression or gesture or dialogues to assist you, you can't just daydream into your target, and it is just an eye aiming the far away target, the other eye should be scanning around, thus it is quite challenging, because two of your eyes are looking at different thing, and should still be equally expressive.

Q: After filming so much, are there any considerations in picking your roles?

A: Yes, firstly I minimize guest appearance, because guest roles cannot bring out an outstanding role, I will pick roles that allow more performance. Roles that are simple and just require your beauty, acting innocent and acting cute, are usually not my choice. I will choose roles that will require a gap of transformation from being innocent to a complicated one. Director Wong Jing said that I am suitable to play a role that transforms 3 octaves of melody, and thus I have always picked roles according to his tips. I will feel much satisfactions this way, I am more mature in person, I play roles that are 38 and 38 years old when I was just 18, thus I feel it will be more enriching to watch, if it is the same from the beginning to the end, it will be boring for the audience as well as myself.


Q: Do you personally like challenges?

A: Yes, I really love to challenge myself, life is all about learning and improvements, thus I am very willing to challenge myself.


Q: Is there any matter that you will still look forward too even if the challenges are crazy?

A: Yes, the films I invest in, the ultimate responsibility, when you are so busy that you are physically unable to cope, working 24 hours a day, and go on months without timely sleep and meals.


Q: In your crew, do you personally look after other actors?

A: Yes, after work, we make dumplings together, go for seafood, steamboat, make dessert; we often make a variety of food and celebrate Christmas and New Year together. Most are willing to come to my place to watch a movie and chat about anything under the sun.


Q: Is that how your female idol should be like?

A: My female idol is like Angelina Jolie, she can be a loving mother, as well as the sexy one in the 'Mr & Mrs Smith', she is also a powerful one, and very wise, I feel one who handles her career, family and love like her is a female idol.


Q: Are you someone who likes to be in control of everything?

A: I don't like it, I prefer best not to bother about anything, but as a producer I can't help to manage many issues. Actually I don't like to manage many things, I like to have fun, I don't like toiling for work, luckily this profession of mine is my interest, it is almost I am having fun with it.


Q: Do you feel very pressured as a producer?

A: Not too pressured, my mentality is, whatever serious matters there are, I will feel it is not a big deal. At the moment, I will feel the bigger the challenge is, the greater the reward will be. It has been so time and again, so is the route of producing a film.


A: You are a talent in the industry, and are highly educated, why did you not pursue your professional job?

A: This is quite a fate, I entered the pageant in Hong Kong and found my ticket into the industry and I never thought of changing my profession. As an actress, this is quite an achievement. Unlike my university peers, they are now rich and powerful, we are different yet similar in worth. When you are doing something you love, the sweat and results are the same, everything becomes worthy, I don't feel the need to change my career, I can be happy doing anything.


Michelle Ye: Domestic violence in 'Insanity' by Sean Lau; indirectly confessed to new sweet relationship

Posted by MYR on March 13, 2015 at 1:10 AM Comments comments (83)

13th Mar 2015

Source: http://www.1905.com/news/20150312/867721.shtml?fr=wwwfilm_news_zf_1_20150203#p1

Translated by Rain @ michelle-ye.com


From a TVB fadan until becoming the upcoming producer, career woman Michelle Ye's commitment in her career path is obvious to all. She was present at 'Star's Blast' section as guest with her new movie 'Insanity'. In the movie, Michelle Ye played Sean Lau's wife, transforming into a woman abused by her husband's domestic violence. Michelle Ye also related her dating experience on Valentine's Day, indirectly confessing to her new relationship.


Abused by Sean Lau in new movie; "Woman Chairman" will soon venture into producing movies


'Insanity' casting Huang Xiaoming, Sean Lau, Fiona Sit and Michelle Ye is about a psychiatrist's relationship with his patient. In the movie, Michelle Ye plays Sean Lau's wife, where she is not only abused by Sean but also later murdered by him. Michelle Ye revealed, "I was really happy when I first got the role, because I have worked with Sean a few times, but it is only when I went for the filming that I knew that is was a movie about domestic violence." Michelle Ye also teasingly complained, "I have been abused by Sean for consecutive two months in the movie."


Ever since establishing her own company in the year 2011, Michelle Ye has ventured to become a producer besides her actress role. In the recent years, she has focused in producing series. She then revealed that she will soon be venturing into movie production, "I hope to learn more, and contribute even more." As for her role as a boss, Michelle Ye said she is stringent with her staff, while also being very rewarding towards them, "For example we have overseas vacation annually, they will also receive lucrative red packets, we eat together, we stay together, just like a family."


Michelle Ye indirectly confessed being in a sweet relationship; brought five girl friends for a date where the man gave no complains at all


Besides her upcoming new movie, Michelle Ye's new relationship also surfaced recently. On the dawn of February 15th, Michelle Ye posted on Weibo "Because of you, my heart flutters!" Attached on Weibo was a photo where she posed with a cake and red wine, her lips pouted with a double peace sign pose at her eyes, like a teenage girl. Later on, Michelle Ye again posted a heartfelt message on Weibo, "Thank you for your love, life is beautiful." Many symptoms and tips revealed, seemingly to indirectly confess to the public about her new relationship.


When asked about her Valentine's day, Michelle Ye could hardly hide her elation, confessing her date on the day, "There was a surprise that day, I was supposed to have a date with a guy, it was to be at seven, but because of filming, I only arrived past 11, and he was sleeping then." Michelle Ye also revealed that the crew did not have their dinner that night due to filming, thus she brought five girl friends to her date, the poor man who waited in vain for 4 hours did not appear even the slightest bit annoyed, touching Michelle Ye deeply. However, when the host probed further if they are in a relationship, Michelle Ye only vaguely responded, "Still dating."


Michelle Ye purchases real estate property for staff as their year-end bonus

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Source: Sohu Entertainement


Translated by Rain @ Michelle-ye.com

6th Feb 2015


Flying planes, racing cars, establishing a company, becoming a producer; Michelle Ye has no doubt become the iconic role model of a woman chairman in the entertainment circle. Michelle Ye who is recently filming 'Sou Suo Lian' 《搜索连》series in Hengdian stayed there for some time, and conveniently bought a mansion as home, seemingly to plan for a long term stay. Reporters also discovered that Michelle Ye not only bought herself property, she also bought houses for her staff as their year-end bonus, making her the most rewarding woman boss in the entertainment industry.


Spends 300 days a year in Hengdian; investing in Hengdian real estate


Hengdian also popularly known as 'China Hollywood' is a loved-hated place by every actor. This is where ancient series in traditional costume, as well as war time series are made. On the other hand, the tough conditions in Hengdian becomes every actor's dreaded times, especially the freezing cold wind in the winter as Hengdian is in the mountains, where the temperature is often below zero degrees, leaving the actors in suffering in their costumes.


It was understood that Michelle Ye has a habit of not filming in winter, however last year she gave exception to 'Sou Suo Lian' as it was an exceptionally good script. It is for this reason she dons her thin layer of series costume in the harsh winter, as well as put up with the dangerous rains of bullets and gunshots, often ending with injuries, a very challenging time indeed. Such harsh conditions did not deter Michelle Ye, she even confessed falling for Hengdian during an interview at the filming set, "I have always been filming in Hengdian, and made many friends here, everyone is very friendly, and we have bonded through the films."


Her optimism in hard times is indeed admirable. Due to work, Michelle Ye also spent more than 300 days in the year of 2014 in Hengdian, becoming a true permanent resident of Hengdian. Due to this, the woman chairman boss spent some money buying a double story mansion as her home. In addition to this, Michelle Ye also posted on her Weibo last month "Woke up so early, pray that I get to choose a good number", while attaching her photo at the Dongyang Electrical Vehicle Industry Association, it seems the female chairman is now equipped with a home and car, highly possibly planned for her long term stay.

"Generously rewarding" staff with property as year-end bonus for staff


Michelle Ye bought a double story unit in Hengdian, the place is far more than enough to accommodate her alone. Michelle Ye expressed that she bought the spacious place not only for her own stay, but intends to convert it into a club. "I'm from Hangzhou, and very passionate about Zhejiang, I like to invest in the Zhejiang area, I have another objective of buying this house, I like to meet up with friends, and like to invite friends to stay over when they visit me or come to film, I like the merry atmosphere. I also intend to establish a club, so my friends feel at home when they come to Hengdian."


Every time the end of the year approaches, year-end bonus becomes the topic of discussion of all companies. Some gives out percentage of company shares as a refreshing approach of rewarding staff, woman chairman Michelle Ye instead opted her own unique way - awarding properties in real estate. It is understood that Michelle Ye not only bought herself a house, she also awarded her staff the same as their year-end bonus, "We will have much more work in Hengdian in the time to come, every time I film, my team have to come and stay, it is quite a hassle, and the accommodation here are not as comfortable, my heart pities them, thus I hope through this way that my staff have a better working environment." Because of her pity, she awards them a house as their year-end bonus, such a beautiful and sensitive to needs, female chairman they have!


Love Interview | Michelle Ye - Colorful and fulfilling life, needn't be a life winner

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Source: http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MjM5OTQxMTI2Mg==&mid=202876061&idx=1&sn=db4aa229a00ca7d3901c257885a7cf0b&3rd=MzA3MDU4NTYzMw==&scene=6#rd

Translated by Rain @ michelle-ye.com

04 Feb 2015


There seems to be a big gap between a highly valued actress and a smart producer: Wisdom and beauty, delicate emotions and swift reflexes; it seems almost impossible for these elements to be found within one individual. However, emerging from a beauty pageant, entering TVB, winning the Hong Kong Films Award, and then progressing on as a producer, establishing her own filming company, taking up EMBA, becoming guest lecturer... All these are found within Michelle Ye, it really is quite astounding.


She does not deem herself as an addicted learner, nor does she think herself as a life winner, these assumptions are too feeble, and is inadequate to describe a girl as curious and adventurous as she is. "I like to enchant myself, as well as be neutral towards myself; I especially love a colorful and fulfilling life!"

Let's put more effort into those who is doubtful of us


"Diligence becomes my inspiration. Commitments and sacrifices beyond others, spending more time than others, all these motivate inspiration, and you will reap a lot too. Trying to be the most beautiful, or the smartest, or the best actor, or the best singer, when the beauty (or certain quality / talent) lies in the eye of the beholder, there is no standardization throughout. However, diligence is a good measure, there is no doubt on how much time you commit into something."


Waves of long hair, and lashes embroidering her determined gaze, energetic and dynamic, this is Michelle Ye. She has 4 events today, and she arrived by 7 for her first interview with 'NvYou Jia Yuan', she quickly energized after just a cup of coffee. "I can't deny that it is my style," -- Highly effective, diligent, focused - this is Michelle Ye.


Let's now discuss the roles she played before, for example, the Jin Xiangyu in 'Flying Swords of Dragon Gate', "She is not exactly a coquettish one, but she is determined, and her unwavering spirit for love is undeniable.", for example the sisters in 'Grandma's Ancient City', where she worked with Chen Shu and Xing Jiadong.


However, recently Michelle Ye is even more addicted into her role as a producer. For example being the producer of 'Athena', where she went against all odds and used newbie actor Liu Enyou, enabling him who was then deemed not possibly able to gain fame, to become a much sought male lead later on. Michelle Ye demonstrates such determination in all aspects. "If you are determined, people only recognize that you (your decision) are right when you achieve success. When you consecutively do this a few times more, others will begin to trust you (your decision), that you have the capability and approach, so whenever there is any issue, they will say, "Hey no worries, she will surely overcome it!"


"From being doubtful, to having faith to overcome it", that was how it started from the filming of 'Athena'. The world may lament, what in the world is this, a war time story being filmed into a '007' and 'Meteor Gardens' combo, can this be a success? However, Michelle Ye knew that the trend lies in creativity, "For example 'My Fair Princess' series which filmed the Qing dynasty in a refreshing angle, no one experienced it too!"

She lived many years in Hong Kong and the States, and witnessed much variation of creativity, "In Mainland, what becomes a popular is actually a past trend elsewhere, and such trending is inevitable in the development of history. Just like how people are using Apple phone, how much we admire Xiaomi, how much we like WeChat, actually they are all learning from others, because TalkBox is long available in United States."





The success of 'Athena' exceeded expectations, it sold quickly once the trailer was released, and went on to achieve breakthrough viewing rates when it started airing. "We have to work towards convincing those who are doubtful of us, until we earn their faith." Michelle's wide experience gained brimming confidence. This series later on encountered challenges with the review board, causing a lot of re-filming and amendments, Michelle's team were driven into anxiety. A management officer from Hunan station who finished watching 'Athena' said, 'My Fair Princess' also encountered similar challenges, the cast in 'My Fair Princess' were all newbies, and the scenes in the palace were all comical and not factual, but look what happened later on? "So many series similar to 'My Fair Princess' genre came to air, the series itself has many sequels, thus the only secret weapon, is your determination."


Confidence, is to be wholly aware of the type of person you are, and to wholly accept such person


"Self-awareness requires wisdom, some people are over confident, some people are lack of faith in themselves, some people blame themselves for who they are, and is obstinate to change to become another person, all these leads to lack of confidence." Michelle Ye said.


"I am aware of the type of person I am, and am aware of what the market needs, thus my efforts are to work towards that."


Her determination and persistence in producing 'Athena', saying that "Faith is what causes the world to change, in real life, Michelle Ye holds on to the same principle.


When she insisted to take up the role of a producer, it was because, "As an actor your contribution towards a production is merely at twenty percent, however the market usually recognizes the success or failure of a production to the cast. Actually, however much the praises and criticism, it is not too much about the actor."


Michelle Ye does not like to be labelled as 'a winner', 'a success' and such since her career as a producer. "It is very hard for a woman to become a successful leader, I am still learning every day," she commented happily.


"My gene is dominated by male elements." Michelle Ye does not go shopping, and only buys what she needs, she goes for what she needs and is not attracted by any other products, thus if Michelle Ye accompanies her girl friends shopping, it is a torture for her, "It is just like the feeling of a man who accompanies a woman to go shopping." She then made a deal with her girl friends that when they go shopping, she will be doing other things and come back to meet at a common venue later on.


Also, it doesn't matter what frustrating or worrying or happy issues she has, Michelle Ye can sleep anywhere and anytime, "Be it on the plane, in the car or anywhere else, this should be a natural ability!"


Her independent living in the United States also trained her boldness, "Living in the blacks area, also trained me to be bold, what does not kill me, makes me stronger."


For example when 'Athena' faced much challenges with the review board, everyone else were anxious, Michelle Ye said, "Nothing to worry, no big deal. Actually once you work towards it, you will realize that everything is achievable! A woman's capability is comparable to a man's, but it is because of your own brainwashed: Aiya, I can't do it, I can't run as fast, I can't be as successful..."


Michelle Ye entered the industry via the pageant, emerging as the champion of Miss Chinese International; she was from the Wellesley College and then signed on with TVB. In the early days, the roles she played are mostly youthful, kind and innocent girls, and then became a sexy woman; no one ever imagined she will become such a strongly successful woman. "But it is true that a role does differ from your real person."


After leaving TVB, Michelle Ye once met Myolie Wu, who said, "Your decision to leave back then was right. I am also now reconsidering where else I can move on my career to." Michelle Ye said, "At 35 years old, you can still make it, it is more challenging than a 25 years old, but more dynamic than a 45 years old. Optimistically, you may be entering into the turning point of your life."


You need 10 boyfriends


Obviously, Michelle Ye is not one who takes the common route. She loves car racing and horse racing activities, she said, "I love the adventurous spirit and the speed, I like the exhilaration that comes with danger. Even if I am not talented enough to personally race in car races, I like to watch, be it cars or bikes or horses, I am addicted to all." When she meets racer, her eyes will glitter!


Even her perception towards wedding is unique: In a tribe within Africa, everyone dancing to the fire, wearing their costumes of grass and skin, with some animals around. In the midst of such high environment, Michelle said, Okay, let's go into the cave for some fun!


A woman still needs love, no matter how busy her career is. Others like to joke, Michelle, a person like you need 10 boyfriends! "Haha, I changed the perception, I can have some male friends. We can communicate and chat, but not talk about getting married every day, and not necessarily be in a girlfriend / boyfriend relationship, it will be quite delightful to have 10 successful and talented male friends!"


Maintaining a friendly bond and distance, it is healthy and lively. Sometimes, Michelle Ye will just go for a drink and chat with her neighbors, "A casual and cheerful bond, it is very precious! No big deal to have a boyfriend to talk about marriage all the time!"


I am thoroughly captivated by her boldness, humor and acceptance when first meeting Michelle Ye. She will chat with you sincerely, be it love or man, she has nothing to hide, as though we are best friends of many years. She is a beautiful one, a humorous one, an energetic one, and has a mysterious appeal.


She was just telling the crew then, "Must a woman get married, give birth and take care of a family to be happy? Not necessarily. Like many men, what makes them happy is neither marriage nor love. They have buddies, dreams, career, and contribution to the society... We should learn all these from man. We need to be independent not only on the surface (financially and image), but from the core, aside your career, your soul needs independence, this is most important!"


In Michelle's mentality, a woman needs to be surrounded by dreams and success, family, relatives, best friends, career, soul mate, "Never should a woman's life be revolved around just her partner." For example, when a man pursues you, he will put in all his effort and chat with you every day, but after marriage, many women will cry complaining, why are you different from when you were pursuing me? You have changed!


"What you should have done is, be totally in love when you are dating, when you have found the one and settled, you can also spend time on your career, hobbies, and friends. When you are totally dependent on him, be it financially or emotionally, that will cause you much unhappiness, it is not worth it!"


In Michelle's life dictionary, being in love is part of life; its priority has switched ranks at different stages of her life. "No one can do one thing forever; it is the same as for being in love." When you are young, you may blindly fall in love, "Now being in love is much more in control" When balancing her career and love relationship recently, she jokingly said, "Haha, I will tell them, instead of accepting this film, why not I get a relationship."


Michelle's words:


1. You can have both career and relationship intertwining, just like the stripes on a zebra, one black one white, it is very fulfilling.


2. Some people may think of how much money to earn, how many kids to have, how happy a family to build, and to achieve a certain status and fame in order to be successful, but in my life point of view, I feel that how much experience you gained is a measure of success, fulfilling and colorful life is most successful.


3. I have many best friends who I can share my heart with, can help me, be it woman or man. There was once when I sent an advertisement of 'Athena' to a group of friends, everyone calculated that I saved about 16 million worth of advertisement fees.


4. I never think that monetary possession equals wealth; it is but a means of resources allocation. What is wealth? Every resource such as people connection, friendship, experience and wisdom.


5. Someone who has a dream will never be lost. One will work to utilize his capability and talent to benefit oneself and others. For example an environment worker, if he acknowledges that his job is a contribution to the society, then he has a dream and will live happily.


6. Sexual relation is important but it is not a major part of a love relationship, no one will spend 20 hours of 24 hours in a day in sexual relationship! If you meet your boyfriend for 5 hours, you may spend 4 hours bonding through chats and sharing experiences. Thus I feel that if you maintain friendship with male friends, you already can gain a lot within the 4 hours of sharing. Sometimes I am unwilling to enter the fifth hour, because when you are there, in more conventional society, you may congratulate yourself and soon have a baby...


7. My perception in love is that, if (he) loves you, then (he) should allow you freedom, and not controlling you because of love.


8. Last time I used to like handsome actors, but now I have upgraded, I need the exquisiteness (talents) from within, for example a racer! Haha, am I too greedy...



Female Celebrity Michelle Ye encounters lights fountain confession; Love life stirs speculations

Posted by MYR on November 9, 2014 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (208)

Source: http://hainan.ifeng.com/news/yuletiyu/detail_2014_11/09/3125046_0.shtml

Zhong Xin Net Beijing

Female celebrity Michelle Ye’s love live has always been a mystery. Last night, a netizen revealed on Weibo, claiming an anonymous person confessed his love for Michelle Ye with lights fountain, complete with a video, stirring a heated discussion online. Until the print of this media report, Michelle Ye has yet came forward with any clarifications.

Last night, Shanghai’s Evening News Weibo revealed the news, claiming that a anonymous person utilized the grand lights water fountain at Shanghai World Expo to confess to female celebrity Michelle Ye, “It was a very cool scene.” The confession was, “Xuan, I’m willing to be your support, to protect you from the rain and storms – Mr. B”

Even after the incident being wildly spread, Michelle Ye did not come forward personally with any clarifications. When reporters contacted her manager, she briefly denied any knowledge, “Am unaware of what has happened…” and hurriedly hung up.

Several netizens speculated on the “confession” incident, making reference to Michelle’s weibo posts, saying she is already seeing someone. Quoting Michelle’s previous posts as evidence, “ Michelle Ye previously posted ‘On the way to your arms’ on Weibo, in such sweet tone, she must have found her other half.”

Reporters verified the claim reading back on Michelle’s Weibo, indeed, such post was found on Oct 25th, aside her words, there were also several icons of loving expression, it was definitely a ‘sweetly in love’ post. As for her actual relationship status, Michelle Ye once hinted to media, “Quite bored recently, (I) may try for a relationship.”

Aside that, on Oct 22nd, Michelle Ye also posted some photos of her magazine photoshoot complete with caption, “If I were to fall in love, it'd have to be with you。”sounding like her relationship has found a candidate.


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